Boselli talks Trojan football caught up with former USC All-American offensive tackle Tony Boselli to get his thoughts on the current Trojan team, the coaching staff and an update on his latest business venture. Click below for a transcript of that interview:

WeAreSC "You had a chance to be on campus this week, talk about what you're seeing right now with the team and the spirit of what's going on."

Boselli "I think it's without a doubt that USC is one of the top programs in college football right now. The tradition which the program was built on is now returning to the place where it ought to be at. What Coach Carroll has done with this staff and the way he's amassed talent, even more than that with the way they play the game, it makes you proud to be a Trojan. It's an exciting time."

WeAreSC "When you're on campus and you see the way Carroll interacts with the players, what kind of guy do you think he would've been to play for?"

Boselli "It would've been tremendous. I went to the Auburn game and was in the locker room with the team and spent time with them the night before at meetings. What I was so impressed with is his ability to motivate. It's a young team and he has the ability to keep them focused and ready to play. That's what great coaches do. You can tell the guys love playing for him and they have a lot of fun. You can tell that when they're on the field with the way they play the game."

WeAreSC "When you have the x's and o's of a pro coach with the enthusiasm of a college coach it seems to be a pretty good combination."

Boselli "Absolutely, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Look at the situation he came into at SC, we were down, we were struggling. The situation was very difficult because of the high expectations and he immediately turned it around. Even when they were 6-6 his first year, they were losing a lot of close games but you could see a marked difference in the way they played from years past. Last year with getting to #4 and winning the Orange Bowl and then the way they've started this year, it's obvious that he is one of the premier coaches in college football."

WeAreSC "What are your thoughts with the offensive line and the running game right now?"

Boselli "It's great. Coming off a tough game against Cal they knew they had to re-establish the way they played football. They started off very well against Auburn, they were physical, they were dominant. They just had a hiccup against Cal but they came back the next week and that's the mark of a good or great team. I don't know if we can call this team great yet, last year was a great team and the best in the country by the end of the season in my opinion, but this is a very good team and to do that is the mark of a well coached team. I think they do have the ability to be great but it's going to take that offensive line continuing to be physical. Coach Davis does a great job getting those guys going and it was obvious last week with the way they ran the ball. They just need to keep it up and build on that momentum."

WeAreSC "What are your thoughts about Davis as a coach?"

Boselli "He's obviously a great x's and o's coach, he's a good technician and he gets his guys to play hard. They play together very well. The thing I think is forgotten is that not only did they run the ball well last week but for the majority of the year they've given the quarterback a lot of time and given him a chance to make some big plays in the passing game. It's not a one-dimensional deal. I know that's something that was attractive to me back when I was being recruited, seems like a long time ago now, was the chance to play in a pro style offense. I wanted to go someplace where they threw the ball and ran the ball. I understood that you had to pass block to play at the next level and any offensive lineman that comes to SC is going to get that chance."

WeAreSC "You had your choice of a lot of schools when you were being recruited, what tipped the scales in favor of USC for you?"

Boselli "It was a number of things. Growing up in Colorado, in Boulder, it was a great place to grow up, a great place to be. One thing I can remember about my recruiting trip though was getting off that plane in mid-December and it was about 75 degrees while there was snow on the ground at home. That was definitely a positive (laughing). All joking aside, a big part of it was the tradition of the place. I walked in Heritage Hall and saw the Heisman Trophies and heard all the stories about the great players who had played there. Also, the fact that they played in a pro style offense was very important to me. I was in the University of Colorado's backyard and they had a great program at the time, they still do, but they were running the wishbone. It was more of a running offense and I wanted to be in an offense where I would learn to run block and pass block because I knew that to make it in the NFL you had to be well-rounded. Obviously guys have made it to the league coming from a dominant run program but I wanted to give myself the best chance by going to a pro style offense."

WeAreSC "How important is it for a coach to have that NFL background when it comes to attracting recruits?"

Boselli "Well, it's very attractive, especially if you have dreams of playing in the NFL and I would say 99.9% of the guys who have the skill and ability to play at USC have that dream. With the fact that Coach Carroll has that experience he knows what it takes to play in the NFL and he's gonna prepare his guys in a pro offense and an attacking pro style defense. I think it's a great situation to be trained and coached for the next level."

WeAreSC "We saw a good performance last week from another Colorado product with the 140-yard game by LenDale White, what are your thoughts on him?"

Boselli "That was great. I'm always rooting for USC but it's especially exciting to see someone from your home state do what he did. He was tremendous, he's a physical back and he ran the ball very physically. He got after the defense and as an offensive lineman those are the guys you want to block for. You always want your offensive line to be physical and get after people but it sets the tone at an even greater level when you have a back who is 230 pounds sticking it up in there and running over people. That builds momentum and that's what happened last week. It was obvious that the young man was running with a purpose and he's only a freshman. That speaks to the type of talent that Coach Carroll is recruiting and the great thing is I've had a chance to spend some time around these guys and they are quality individuals. You know they are great athletes but in the time I've spent with them they sure seem like good guys too."

WeAreSC "You were a tackle so please comment on the play of the Trojan tackles Jacob Rogers and Winston Justice."

Boselli "I think they've got two real good tackles. Obviously Jake is enjoying his senior year and he's doing a good job getting himself ready for the next level. I think his biggest strength is that he's a student of the game. He real understands the game, he's got good technique, he's a leader out there. He's tough, the Auburn game he played with a hurt heel but he's a tough guy and you have to be tough to play this game. Winston on the other side is just super athletic and his body is built to play the position. You can tell he just continues to get better and I think he has a chance to be one of the great ones. He's got a lot of work ahead of him but if he continues to improve he could be one of the all-time greats to play at the school."

WeAreSC "Talk about how USC prepared you for life after football? I understand you have a new business interest that will be starting up soon with the Arena Football League."

Boselli "Right now I'm a part-owner of the new Arena Football League team that will be playing in Austin. We're waiting on approvals from the Board of Regents at the University of Texas to make sure everything is set but I'm pretty excited about it. I don't know how other colleges do it but USC places a premium on getting their athletes graduated and getting them all the help they can to make sure they are successful. That goes for in the classroom as well with helping them learn as much as they can. I graduated with a degree in business management and the level of academic commitment has probably gone up even more since I've been there with President Sample. They've done a great job of making sure USC is a first class school academically and in the future USC will set the tone for combining good academics with powerhouse athletics."

WeAreSC "We heard you brought a future Trojan recruit to the Auburn game."

Boselli "Yeah, my son came with me. I might have four future Trojans hopefully, we've got two boys and two girls and they all love USC. The girls might be following their mom as a Song Girl and the boys both have good size so we'll see what happens. They're pretty young now but they love sports and they love the Trojans." Top Stories