Q&A: Josh Pinkard

Oxnard Hueneme's Josh Pinkard, 6-0, 185 lbs, first became a household name after a standout Southern California Nike Camp performance over the summer when he ran a 4.49 forty, a 4.31 shuttle, and he also jumped 35 inches in the vertical. Now in the midst of his season, he's been lighting it up from his safety spot and has helped his team jump out to a 3-1 start. Here's the latest on this fast rising prospect.

WeAreSC- How's your season going?

Pinkard- "It's going pretty good right now. We're 3-1."

WeAreSC- Do you have any of your numbers for the year so far?

Pinkard- "I have 2 interceptions and I average around 8 tackles. And I have 1 touchdown and probably 6 receptions and a hundred and something yards on offense."

WeAreSC- Where have you been playing at?

Pinkard- "Strong safety and Slot."

WeAreSC- How's recruiting coming along?

Pinkard- "Oh it's going pretty good. I have scholarship offers from Washington State, Washington, USC, Utah, UCLA, and Michigan."

WeAreSC- Do you have a list of favorites?

Pinkard- "Right now it's between Washington State and USC."

WeAreSC- What do you like about both of those schools?

Pinkard- "Well, right now I don't know too much about them, but I know that USC is a good school and things like that, and I'm going to take a trip to Washington State on November 8th, so I'll have some more facts on them."

WeAreSC- Do you have any other official visits set?

Pinkard- "No, not yet."

WeAreSC- Do you have an idea on some of the schools you want to take a visit to?

Pinkard- "I'm probably going to visit Oregon, Michigan, and USC."

WeAreSC- What factors are you looking at in choosing a school?

Pinkard- "Playing for four years and my major. Basically if I'm going to be able to come in and start, and if my major is there and if they have a good program."

WeAreSC- Do you know what you want to major in?

Pinkard- "Well right now it's Computer Science, but people always say you change it once you get there. But right now it's Computer Science."

WeAreSC- Is distance from home a factor?

Pinkard- "Not really."

WeAreSC- Who have you talked to over the phone from USC and how have those conversations gone?

Pinkard- "Coach Orgeron and I talk to Pete Carroll sometimes. Sometimes I'll talk to all of the coaches, the line coach, the DB coach, and people like that. They just want to know if I'm still into the school, what my family is talking about, because right now my family has been talking about what school I'm going to be going to and things like that. And also my games and my progress"

WeAreSC- When was the last time you talked to them?

Pinkard- "Yesterday, Coach O, and I just got off the phone right now with Coach Walker from Washington State."

WeAreSC- What's your impression of Coach Carroll from talking to him?

Pinkard- "Oh he's a good coach. He just talks about how we have a good coach, because we have Marcus Turner as our head coach now and he's helping out the program. He just wants to know what's going on with the team and also about me too."

WeAreSC- What position have the coaches from USC talked to you about playing at?

Pinkard- "They've been talking about safety because they need help for the safeties, so that's basically what they've been talking about, free safety or strong safety."

WeAreSC- Have you been to any of the USC games so far this year?

Pinkard- "I went to the BYU game."

WeAreSC- What do you think of that defense?

Pinkard- "The defense is good but sometimes they have some problems, but they come through."

WeAreSC- Do you plan on making an early decision, or do you want to wait close to signing day?

Pinkard- "Right now, I don't really know. I have to talk to my family about it and things like that. I don't know if I'm going to decide early or just wait until the deadline."

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