Chilo Rachal comments on game and more

WeAreSC caught up with Trojan commit and current Compton Dominguez standout, Chilo Rachal, a spectator at USC's 44-21 victory over Stanford on Saturday. The top-flight offensive line prospect shares his thoughts on the game and also talks about the strength of his commitment.

WeAreSC- What did you think of the game against Stanford?

Rachal- "I liked it, it was cool. Once they started winning though, it got pretty boring. The offense adjusts good. When they (Stanford) would shut down one thing, then they (USC) would open up another thing. I liked that."

WeAreSC- I noticed that a couple of your teammates were there with you. Who were they?

Rachal- "My quarterback, Terry Mixon and the running back, Darryll Crummie."

WeAreSC- Did you see any other recruits at the game?

Rachal- "Thomas Herring, Jeff Byers, Rodney Van, Derrick Jones, Terrell Jackson, Lamar Herron, Scott Ware, the tight end from Santiago (Dale Thompson), the quarterback from Westlake (Rudy Carpenter), Geoff Schwartz, Michael Stuart…those were the one's I saw. There were a lot of other recruits that I didn't know."

WeAreSC- What was it like in the locker room after the win?

Rachal- "It was cool. Everybody was in there having fun, happy with the win, and celebrating the victory."

WeAreSC- So where do you stand right now? Are you still committed?

Rachal- "Yeah, I'm there. I'm not going anywhere else. At first I was like, ‘You know, I want to take some trips', but I felt like that if I committed and that's the school for me, why take some trips?"

WeAreSC- There's been some rumors flying around surrounding the fact that you attended a UCLA game a little while back. Are you looking at them a little closer?

Rachal- "No, I just went there because a couple of my friends were up there hanging out. I just wanted to hang out with my friends. Everyone has been asking me about that, ‘Chilo, are you going to UCLA?' No, I just went to watch a football game. Because at that time, SC was playing away, so I was like ‘well, I don't have anything else to do.'"

WeAreSC- Talk about how your season is coming along. I know you've been injured. Have you been able to play in any games yet?

Rachal- "No, but I'm playing this Friday. They're doing good without me, 5-0. We'll get even better when I come back."

WeAreSC- Have a lot of schools still been calling you?

Rachal- "A couple. They claim they're not calling about my recruitment, but I think they are a little bit. They're just calling to see how I am. Saying ‘How are you doing' and wondering if my commitment is still there."

WeAreSC- Are you still in contact with the SC coaches pretty regularly?

Rachal- "Yeah, we stay in contact. I call them, because they can only call me once a week, but I call them and let them know how I'm doing."

WeAreSC- Who do you usually talk to from USC?

Rachal – "Coach Burns or Coach Davis. They just tell me to keep my grades going and to stay focused."

WeAreSC- Have they talked to you about where on the offensive line you might play?

Rachal- "I'm not really sure. I think they're recruiting me as a tackle. Coach Davis has been telling me to work on my bending."

WeAreSC- Where do you play at for Dominguez?

Rachal- "I play guard and tackle. On certain plays I get in at guard and at certain plays I'm in at tackle."

WeAreSC- Do you plan on taking any other trips or just the one to USC?

Rachal- "I'm just going to take the one to SC."

WeAreSC- Have you set up that one yet?

Rachal- "No, not yet. I haven't taken the SAT yet. I take it October 25th." Top Stories