Byers comments on USC visit

Colorado offensive lineman Jeff Byers, ranked as the top OL recruit in the nation, took an official visit to USC this weekend and he gave us the following thoughts on how the trip went:

How did the visit to USC go for you?

"Going in I just wanted to get to know the people better. I had already been on an unofficial visit to USC so I wanted to get to know the guys better so I could see the team chemistry and see how I fit in. I went in there and got a real good feel for the guys and a real good feel for the coaches. Basically I had a really good time."

Describe the activities of the trip.

"I got there on Saturday morning and had a chance to eat breakfast with the team and go through the team walk-through. Then I went to lunch down in Santa Monica by the pier and after that I had a chance to sit down with Coach Carlisle before the pre-game meal. We went to the Coliseum and I got to go through the Trojan Walk with the team. After the game I got to go out on Saturday night with the guys. On Sunday we went down to breakfast in Manhattan Beach before I came back to watch film with Coach Davis and the o-line. After that I hung out with Alex Holmes for a while and then met with Coach Carroll before I went to a restaurant with Coach Davis and Coach Kiffin. After that they took me to the airport and I came home."

Who was your host on the trip?

"Matt Leinart."

Talk about the atmosphere in the Coliseum on game day?

"I thought the atmosphere was really great. They had great fans and the Coliseum is a stadium with a lot of history. It's a neat place. The ceremony with Marcus Allen was really neat."

What did you think of the performance of the USC running game and the offensive line?

"I thought they ran the ball well. LenDale White is a heck of a running back, he's a hard runner. I'd known about him since he's a Colorado boy but I hadn't met him until Saturday. We spent a lot of time together, he's a really good guy."

You talked about watching film with the offensive line, how did that go?

"It went well. I got to know the strategy, I learned a few plays and how they are blocked, things like that."

What was your impression of the coaches after seeing them on game day?

"I thought they were really intense. They demand a lot and receive a lot. That was good."

What were your thoughts on Coach Carlisle and the S&C program?

"I think Coach Carlisle does a great job. I think it shows on the field with how they are physically stronger and faster than a lot of guys. It's a very high intensity program that he's building."

What are your plans for the rest of the recruiting process?

"I just need to take one more visit and then I'll think about it and announce my decision." Top Stories