Jeff Schweiger update

San Jose Valley Christian's Jeff Schweiger, considered by many to be the #1 defensive end prospect in the west for the class of 2004, was among those in attendance at the Coliseum this past weekend for the USC-Stanford game. Read on to find out what he thought of the game, how his season is going, and the latest in regards to his recruitment.

WeAreSC- What did you think of the game this past Saturday?

Schweiger- "It was cool. They smashed them like they should have. I liked the atmosphere, and the torch at the top, and all of that stuff. It was sweet. It was my first time at a game."

WeAreSC- What did you think about that defense, and in particular, the defensive line play?

Schweiger- "I like how they attack, and Udeze had a couple of sacks, he's a good player. I just like the way they get up field and the way Coach Orgeron does things."

WeAreSC- Did you see any other recruits there?

Schweiger- "I saw Jeff Byers, Eugene Germany, and Thomas Herring."

WeAreSC- Did you get a chance to talk to any of the coaches after the game?

Schweiger- "I talked to Coach Orgeron and I talked to Coach Carroll. I talked to them all tonight. We talked about how my season's going and stuff, and just about how they're doing, and the future of their program."

WeAreSC- Have they talked to you about where you might fit in on that defensive line?

Schweiger- "They've been saying how they have Nazel graduating and they think I have a chance to step in and help them out."

WeAreSC- What's your impression of Coach Carroll from your conversations with him?

Schweiger- "He's an upbeat guy, he's always excited about where his program is going, he's always positive, and he really encourages his players. He seems likes he knows a lot about defense which is good for me. He's coached in the NFL and he has a lot of experience. And I just like him as an overall person and coach."

WeAreSC- So where do you stand right now as far as recruiting goes?

Schweiger- "I like USC and Oklahoma right now, Miami and Notre Dame."

WeAreSC- Do you have a leader between USC and Oklahoma, or are they pretty even?

Schweiger- "They're probably pretty even."

WeAreSC- You've already taken one visit (Michigan), do you have any others planned yet?

Schweiger- "No, I'm going to try to take them after the season is over."

WeAreSC- Do you think you might take one of those official visits to USC?

Schweiger- "Yeah, I'm going to take an official there. SC and Oklahoma probably."

WeAreSC- Talk a little about how your season is coming along.

Schweiger- "It's going good. We're 4-1, but the loss we had, we lost by four points, and we had the ball like five times in the redzone and we just made some mistakes. We shouldn't have lost but we're going to win out from here and it looks like we're going to get another championship. For four games I have 52 tackles, 8 sacks, 8 tackles for loss, 6 hurries, 6 tipped passes, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 caused fumble, and 1 touchdown."

WeAreSC- Are you scheduled to play in any All-Star games after your season is over?

Schweiger- "Yeah, I'm playing in the Army All-American game."

WeAreSC- Do you have any idea about when you want to make your decision?

Schweiger- "I want to make it sometime after the season." Top Stories