MMQB thoughts

A recap of the mood at Monday Morning QB

Pete Carroll knows the problem.  If he had other players to substitute for
our inadequacies - he would.  He gives high marks to the squad for not
giving up and fighting to the very end of each game.  He and the staff are
looking at every possible option to help the players improve their
performance.  No player's position is safe.

He showed tape of the very good plays and the very bad plays.  We had a
player out of position on the two long Stanford pass completions, and since
we do have a competent sub, he was replaced for most of the second half.

The coach's goal is to focus on the long-range picture of bringing this
program back.  That is primary and he wont be distracted 

I am paraphrasing what he said for this report.  He again asked, as he has
at all previous meetings, that his remarks not be reported.  PC is obviously
upset about the performance Saturday but he does not have that "out of
control" panic look that I saw with PH and LS when they were faced with
embarrassing games.

You want more positives?  O.K. - attendance at MMQB was steady at 150 and
the new carpet in Town & Gown looks really good.  Nobody made an ass out of
themselves, but if this goes on much longer it will happen.

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