Carroll post game comments from ND

Trojan head coach Pete Carroll spoke with 1540 the Ticket after the conclusion of the USC game against the Irish. Click below for a transcript of his quotes with Petros Papadakis, Paul McDonald and Pete Arbogast:

PP "Last week after the game you told me what a great thing it would be to come out here and get a win, now that you've done it in record fashion how does it feel?"

PC "This was a big day for everybody that loves the Trojans. I'm so excited that everybody gets to enjoy this because it means so much to the guys that have played before here, all the coaches, all the alums and everyone who has gone through this rivalry over the years. I think this is a proud moment for us. The way we were able to take our game and keep playing well in this setting with the circumstances of being at Notre Dame. It wasn't a big deal to our guys, they handled it extremely well even though we did look a little shoddy in the first quarter. We finally got organized on the heels of a great, great performance by our offense. I kept picturing Marv on top of that scoreboard with his legs crossed, kicking back and smoking a big cigar."

PP "You talked about a little bit of trouble in the first quarter for the defense. Did you make some tactical adjustments or was it just a matter of improving the tackling?"

PC "We had to adjust a bunch of stuff, we were sorry for a while. We had to rethink a couple things that were going on, we figured out how they were checking things a little bit and that helped us get on our way. It really wasn't very hard after that."

PM "Great win, Coach, we're all real proud. Talk about how loose the team was."

PC "We took care of our work. By the time we get to the stadium our work is over and we just come out here to have a little fun. We had a fantastic walk through at the high school stadium yesterday morning where we were just dead on the money because we were so sharp and everybody knew it. It was cool, we just stated the facts and relaxed and waited for the game like we always do. We were particularly sharp, I'm just thrilled about that, and our guys just went out on the field and looked like we were doing it on Friday morning. It was great."

PM "Talk about the performance of the offense, they rushed for over 200 yards and Leinart threw for 350."

PC "Matt was fantastic, he made it look so easy you know. The receivers caught every ball, they were wide open, the protection was there. All that allows us to get such a wonderful mix with the running game and that makes us hard to deal with no matter who is running the ball. It was great to see how Reggie broke out and he got his big play in and showed why people need to be afraid of him. There was that great pass up the sidelines to him too, it was great. It was critical of the offense to do so well because we were struggling on defense for a while."

PM "Is it Matt Leinart who has improved, is it the running game, a combination of the two?"

PC "I think it's the system. This is just what Carson looked like last year, you see us do the same kind of things we did last year, we're not any different. We're just getting better at our stuff. Our run game is more consistent than we were a year ago and our pass protection has stepped up also."

PA "The offensive explosion we saw between the two teams couldn't have been what you expected."

PC "No, not at all, god no. I was really surprised that we weren't able to get after them early. We weren't really out of position but we didn't hit things as well as we would've liked. After a while though it was easy. That's one of the things about our team, we can improve as the game goes on. Our coaches do a wonderful job on the sidelines and we were able to get better as the game goes on, I think that's obvious."

PA "Washington is next and we continue the Race for the Roses."

PC "Yeah, that's right and we're excited about it. This will be the last road game of this 4 out of 5 string and I'm hoping we can just keep it going up at Washington and then get back home to the Coliseum. We love playing at home and it just seems like it's been so rare recently."

PA "You talked all week about how this was a statement game because the team had to learn how to win in South Bend."

PC "It is and that's what I take from this one. This is something we have to do. We play these guys every year and we have to make the statement to them that we're for real and they'd better get their game right to deal with us. I'm really fired up for this win in that regard because they've got to live with us getting them for two years now and that's gonna be hard." Top Stories