Carroll post game comments

Trojan head coach Pete Carroll gave his post game comments following the 43-23 victory over Washington on 1540 the Ticket with Petros Papadakis, Paul McDonald and Pete Arbogast. Click below for a transcript of those comments:

Petros Papadakis "It was the last game of 4 out of 5 on the road, a place that's traditionally been hard for the Trojans to win, you have to be happy with the win."

Pete Carroll "It was a really good win for us. It's been tough the last 10 years but I thought the offense looked terrific against a physical front. How about Reggie Bush? He was sensational. Matt Leinart did it again as well, it was a great day for us."

Petros Papadakis "Did you know about Reggie Bush and his skills as a wide receiver or is this something that's just developed the last few weeks?"

Pete Carroll "We knew in camp with the things he was able to do, he's a totally natural pass catcher. The wheel route, the deep route, the little option thing we did, the quick route, he can do it all. He's the kind of guy you can't wait to draw up stuff for."

Paul McDonald "It was a tough shaky start but you guys were able to make the necessary adjustments once again."

Pete Carroll "We weren't sharp early. The kicking game threw us off, those were seven points we gave up and it kept us from really being in command. Nunn going out hurt us. Wyatt moved back to corner only three days ago and he ended up playing almost half the game. You have to look at Will Poole today. I know the guy got more yards that Will wanted him to get but when he had his chances he was spectacular."

Paul McDonald "What do you tell these guys at halftime to do this is the second half game after game?"

Pete Carroll "It depends. One think I've noticed is that we're physical and we continue to play hard when our oppponents don't always do it. You can feel it when that happens, it's really cool. We really had to fix some things today and I was pleased with how we did that."

Pete Arbogast "What is the status of Mike Williams?"

Pete Carroll "He tweaked his ankle and obviously wasn't at full speed but you have to like the way he finished and contributed. Just by the fact of him being out there was contributing. We had to focus and go in a different direction with running the ball more and the backs got some passes. The pass to Hancock was beautiful."

Pete Arbogast "You're bowl eligible now with seven wins and it sets up well for a stretch run in the Pac-10."

Pete Carroll "It's good but we've got a lot of work to go. The finish is really gonna be exciting because we've set it up well the way we wanted to in order to control our destiny. We get to come home to the Coliseum next week and I hope the place is loaded, I know it will be. We don't care about what happened last year with them, we care about beating them now and we need to get that done."

Pete Arbogast "Are you having as much fun coaching this team as we are watching them?"

Pete Carroll "It's a fun team. They had a team meeting on Wednesday where they focused on what they wanted to do for the rest of the year and this was the first step." Top Stories