MMQB recap (10/27 meeting)

Town and Gown was full of applauding Trojans today as Coach Pete Carroll met with the Monday Morning Quarter Back luncheon. If you read last week's report, this one is not that much different but there were some new questions. We are in the best kind of rut. We are winning big every week and discouraging words at the luncheon are minimal. Pete selected all positive plays to show us and he complimented the team and several players for fine performances.

There was one throw away comment in his opening remarks however, that told me that he knows that there is still room for big improvements. The gist of what he said was that there were enough bad plays to give the coaches a lot to work on with the players this week. I'll bet few people heard that comment but it was important to me because I'm always on the lookout for signs of complacency - but I haven't found them with this staff.

The special-team plays were minimal this session. He did highlight a fine tackle by Lee Webb on a kickoff coverage play and a kickoff return by Reggie. The series of offensive plays were stunning. Again he re-ran several of the plays numerous times and pointed out the key blocks. The biggest crowd pleaser was a block by John Drake where he pancacked his man and landed right on top of him with all 350 lbs. Reggie bush had the most plays on the tape. Brandon Hancock's pass reception for a TD was shown and also several of his key blocks on other plays were pointed out.

The series of defensive plays were primarily the defensive line and Will Poole on Reggie Williams. He did eventually get around to every defensive unit. Kenechi Udeze got a lot of compliments along with Poole. He showed a couple of plays starring Melvin Simmons making tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

The Q&A period was very informative and entertaining. He sloughed off the Killeen/Williams thing with a no-big-deal approach. He talked about substitution patterns and how we would compensate for injuries. Several questions related to how he is enjoying this college experience. His answer was entertaining and I can't do it justice without breaking the "no quotation" rule. What I do want to report from his answer is my continuing conclusion that he is here to stay for a long time.

There were several questions about the WSU games last year and this coming Saturday. Pete gives them a lot or respect - both offensively and defensively. In no way is he taking this game lightly. One question started with the premise that WSU hadn't looked so good last week and PC wouldn't accept that line of thinking at all. He says they are the best team we've played so far.

There were questions about recruiting JUCOS. He acknowledged that we were looking but that it is hard to find talent with enough of the right credits for enrollment. He was asked about the effect of "bad air" from the fires and he said we have people monitoring that.

Pete Carroll is very up, as is everyone at my table. After all questions were answered, the meeting was adjourned. Top Stories