Darius Walker recruiting update

Darius Walker is one of the most heavily recruited running backs in the South. The senior from Buford, GA has been dominating opponents this season and is a big reason why Buford High School is favored to win its third consecutive state title. WeAreSC.com caught up with this highly coveted running back and discussed his season, personal goals, and his thoughts on the USC football program.

WeAreSC.com: To start, could you give me your height, weight, bench press, and 40-yard dash time?

Darius Walker: "Ok, I'm 5'11", 200 lbs., bench press 315 (lbs.), and (in the) 40 I was clocked at 4.35."

WeAreSC.com: How is your team doing so far this season?

Darius Walker: "We are 7-0. Our winning streak is at 37."

WeAreSC.com: What are your total stats for those games?

Darius Walker: "After 7 games I have 1,122 yards with 21 touchdowns."

WeAreSC.com: You mentioned earlier in the season that you were a little frustrated at the lack of playing time you were getting, is that still the case?

Darius Walker: "Oh yes, definitely. I usually get out at about halftime, then after that, you know, that's kind of it. But I've actually been kind of pushing it to be able to play the whole game these last few games we've had, this last game definitely we've had; but basically I'm getting two quarters in."

WeAreSC.com: Are you playing only at running back this year?

Darius Walker: "Yes, just running back."

WeAreSC.com: Is that the positions teams are recruiting you at?

Darius Walker: "Yes"

WeAreSC.com: What schools are you looking at right now, I noticed you had a pretty broad list. Have you been able to narrow that list down?

Darius Walker: "Yeah, kind of a top 10 (in no particular order): USC, Notre Dame, Stanford, Nebraska, Ohio State, Tennessee, Miami (Fl), Alabama, Georgia Tech, Arkansas."

WeAreSC.com: Have all of those schools offered you a scholarship?

Darius Walker: "Yes."

WeAreSC.com: Now you have set up three official visits so far, to Ohio Sate (12/05), Stanford (1/9), and Notre Dame (1/23). Have you set up either of your other two visits yet?

Darius Walker: "No not yet. I guess when I know kind of where I want to go then I'll probably set those up. I don't really have an idea where that is yet, but I know that it will be probably one of those top ten teams, or two of those top ten teams."

WeAreSC.com: What specifically are you looking for in the different schools that will help you make your final choice?

Darius Walker: "A great balance of academics and athletics. I don't want one to out favor the other too much. Also I want to play for a national championship, that's real big. And then also playing early, I want to come out and play my freshman year. So those are some of the things I'll be looking at."

WeAreSC.com: What is your take on the running back situation at USC right now, and how will that factor in to your final decision?

Darius Walker: "Well, I see they've got a bunch of freshmen playing, like two or three freshmen playing, and they're doing really well too. And I think the starter (Hershel Dennis) is what a sophomore or junior? So those guys will be there when (if) I get there. I think it's just competition, you know, and that's not something I'm afraid of."

WeAreSC.com: So you are saying that you view the talent level at running back as more of a positive than a negative?

Darius Walker: "Oh yes. I think it's more of a positive because going up there would make me up my game to another level."

WeAreSC.com: What got you interested in USC?

Darius Walker: "Well USC has the tradition of winning all the time and all the Heisman Trophy winners they have. That's kind of another goal of mine after getting in a college is winning the Heisman Trophy, you know. If that comes, if that possibility comes. But yeah, they've had a tradition of that with OJ and everyone so it can't be nothing but attractive."

WeAreSC.com: What coaches have you been talking to?

Darius Walker: "I've talked to the head coach, Coach Carroll, and just from everybody."

WeAreSC.com: And what is your impression of the coaching staff?

Darius Walker: "Well I think they are very good. They are down to earth and kind of tell it how it is you know they said they have the running backs there already, but that doesn't mean I won't come in and won't be able to play. It just means I'm going to have to come in and compete."

WeAreSC.com: How often do you talk with them?

Darius Walker: "About once a week."

WeAreSC.com: What is your impression of Pete Carroll?

Darius Walker: "He seems like a really good guy. My dad actually kind of knows him…and speaks highly of him."

WeAreSC.com: Have you been to any of USC's games?

Darius Walker: "Yes, I actually went and saw them play Auburn."

WeAreSC.com: What is your impression of the team?

Darius Walker: "Very good, they're a very dominant team, so that's definitely something I'm looking for is a real dominant team just on all cylinders. Defense, offense, (their) offensive line looks great as well."

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