Terrail Lambert update

Rumors have been swirling over the last few days that St. Bonaventure cornerback prospect Terrail Lambert reached a college decision. Here's the latest on whether that's true or not, as well as how his season is coming along.

WeAreSC- Rumors have been floating around on the internet that you might have committed to USC. Are they true?

Lambert- "There's no truth to that. Someone must have just had a misunderstanding about that. I haven't committed anywhere."

WeAreSC- So what schools are you looking at right now?

Lambert- "Right now my top 4 are SC, Florida State, Notre Dame, and Ohio State."

WeAreSC- Is that in order?

Lambert- "It's random. It's really tied up. To me, everyone has an advantage. I'm looking at the good side of everything, and I'm also taking the bad stuff into consideration. So it's tied."

WeAreSC- I know that you've taken some official visits already. What schools have you been to for those visits so far?

Lambert- "Florida State and Notre Dame."

WeAreSC- How did those trips go?

Lambert- "Good. They were different worlds. Obviously, there's going to be somewhat of an adjustment, coming from a totally different background. You look at SC, its real urban around that area, and commercial. Florida State and Notre Dame, everything is a little more spread out, a little more rural. I think things, in general, move a little slower. It's just a different place. I liked it though. The coaches had good things to say."

WeAreSC- Do you have a preference of whether you go to a school in an urban area or to one in a rural area?

Lambert- "Well, I would prefer urban just because that's the type of person I am, but a rural area wouldn't be a problem for me. It's not like I can't stand a rural area. I could easily adapt to that type of lifestyle. It wouldn't bother me one bit."

WeAreSC- Have you set up any other visits?

Lambert- "I'm working on two that are in the process. I think I want to take an official trip to USC for the UCLA game, and then around January 10th or 11th to Ohio State."

WeAreSC- Have your parent's expressed a preference about what school you go to?

Lambert- "No, not really. They just give me insight on the little things. You know, when I'm sitting there with a recruiting coach or a counselor, they basically just read between the lines and reiterate in their own words what they think they were trying to convey to me. Just to get a different point of view."

WeAreSC- I know you've been to some USC games this year. Which one's have you gone to?

Lambert- "I went to the Washington State game this past weekend and to the BYU game."

WeAreSC- Talk about that Washington State game. What did you think of the atmosphere and the game itself?

Lambert- "I think the fan base and the tradition has been pretty consistent. As far as the game, I think the key to that was how the freshman class stepped up. They put on a show."

WeAreSC- I know you know some of the players up at USC. Did you get a chance to talk to any of those guys?

Lambert- "Oh, I already know most of them. People like Whitney, and Reggie Bush, and LenDale White, because I talk to them on the regular basis when I'm up there. I've had a chance to talk to Steve Smith a couple times."

WeAreSC- Did you talk to any of the other recruits up there?

Lambert- "I saw all kinds of California recruits. I ran into Fred Davis who I went to the U.S. Army All-American Army combine down in Texas with. It was nice seeing him again. Josh (Pinkard) and Charles Dillon. Charles Dillon is actually my cousin, and Josh and I played Pop Warner football since we were in 5th in 6th grade."

WeAreSC- Which coach have you been talking to most of the time lately from USC?

Lambert- "I probably talk to Coach Orgeron the most. I also talk to Coach Greg Burns and Coach Pete Carroll. I haven't really talked to them lately. I can understand that. I think at this point in time, when you're rolling down toward the BCS, you really don't get as many calls, just because it's a stressful time for coaches."

WeAreSC- When you have talked to them, what did they say about how you'd fit in on the defense?

Lambert- "They're recruiting me as a corner. A lot of times, they talk to me about what kind of defense they like to run and what kind of fronts they put up. I think I'd fit in pretty well. A lot of people say I'm somewhat versatile because I can cover and I'm able to make tackles in the open field. I notice that SC has a knack for those type of corners."

WeAreSC- Do you plan on taking all of your trips before you make a decision on your college, or do you think you might commit early somewhere?

Lambert- "I think it's going to come down to the wire."

WeAreSC- How's your season coming along?

Lambert- "Everything is going good. We're 8-0."

WeAreSC- do you have any of your numbers?

Lambert- "I believe I have 50 something tackles, 1 interception for a touchdown, 2 rushing touchdowns, 12 tackles for loss, 8 pass break-ups, and 4 sacks.

WeAreSC- Who are you playing this week?

Lambert- "Dos Pueblos."

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