MMQB thoughts

A recap of the mood at MMQB

The Monday Morning Quarterbacks met at Town & Gowns today for lunch to hear
coach Pete Carroll.  I sat with a group of regulars who have had a critical
eye in the past years.  However, no one at my table expressed bad feelings
about the job that this staff is doing or the level of intensity on our
team.  Nobody likes the results but they apparently have concluded that PC
and staff are working hard and that improvements are coming.

As for the coach's remarks, there is not much to add since we continue to be
held to a pledge not to quote what he says at MMQB.  I can report that he
appears personally quite composed but disappointed in our inability to win.
He showed selected plays on tape and explained why we prevailed on some
plays and did not on others.  There was extended Q & A with no hostile
questions but they were not "soft balls" either.  On reflection, I would say
that he was harder on himself than we were on him.

PC did express a healthy respect for the offensive performance of ASU which
none of us wanted to hear.  He comes across to me as very realistic in his
remarks to us and that honesty contrasts well with his predecessors who
either did not take us seriously or used the platform for excuses or damage

If you are in the area, the meetings are worth the $17 cost.  PC moves
things fast and we have been out by 1:00 PM each week. Top Stories