Siler recruiting update

WeAreSC caught up with Orlando Evans standout linebacker Brandon Siler for an extremely revealing interview. He gives us the latest on his recruitment, including some recent turn of events that could directly affect his situation with USC. Additionally, another top Florida prospect called Siler in the middle of the interview with some news that will surprise Trojan fans.

WeAreSC- So talk a little about how year season is coming along.

Siler- "It's actually over. We lost the weekend before. We went 6-5 and missed the playoffs by one game."

WeAreSC- Do you have any of your stats for the year?

Siler- "No."

WeAreSC- Where were you playing at for most of the season?

Siler- "We run a 5-2, and I played at both of the linebacker spots. I played tailback a whole bunch, and receiver a lot."

WeAreSC- Now that the season is over, you must have had more time to think about recruiting. What schools are you looking at?

Siler- "USC, LSU, Tennessee, Maryland, and Florida right now. Maryland, I really don't know too much about anymore. That could just as easily be Pittsburgh or Ole Miss."

WeAreSC- Do you have a leader out of the group? In the past you've mentioned that USC might be your leader, is that still the case?

Siler- "Yeah."

WeAreSC- Have you talked to the coaches from USC lately?

Siler- "Actually, lately I haven't talked to them. When I talk to them, I call them from school, and the last time we were talking about my visit, Coach Kiffin said he was going to call me when I got home from school that day, but I never heard from him. I was supposed to set up my visit and tell him that I couldn't come on December 12th. I know we had talked earlier about visiting next weekend for the UCLA game, and he told me he didn't really want to do that. I don't know. I don't know what the thing is. The other recruit down here, Kenny Ingram, he told me he talked to them and they were supposed to be setting both of us up this next weekend, but I haven't heard from them. All I heard that from was Kenny. That was earlier this week…Hold on, there's Kenny on the other line."

WeAreSC- Sure.

Siler gets back on the line after talking to Ingram for a few moments

Siler- "Kenny just said that he's not going on the trip anymore. They just got two junior college safeties.

WeAreSC- Really? Did he talk to the coaches about it?

Siler- "Yeah, they just said it wouldn't be in his best interest to take the visit there. That's crazy. Right up until the week before the visit."

WeAreSC-So he's not coming this weekend? He's 100% sure on that?

Siler- "Yeah, they told him. They told him it wouldn't be in his best interest, so I guess they don't really want him to come anymore. I don't know what my situation is because I never talked to them that first time like Kenny."

WeAreSC- Are you still open to making the visit this weekend?

Siler- "Yeah, I don't know. I have no idea. My mom asked me today, ‘What time are you supposed to be at the airport,' and I was like ‘They haven't even called me, I don't know what they're doing. They haven't called me or anything.' So really, I'm kind of sitting here confused. I don't know. The Classic is this weekend down here, so, I mean, I'd hate to be thinking I'm going there, and then not get my ticket for the Classic this weekend. I kind of feel like I'm getting run around."

WeAreSC- I know when I've talked to you in the past you've mentioned that you're not into watching football on TV, but have you seen any of the USC games lately?

Siler- "I watched them this past weekend. That was the first game I've actually watched. I was at work. They were really good. I was rooting and hollering and cheering, telling everybody at work that they're going to win the National Championship and all that. I mean, they're actually kind of shying me away with this whole thing. It kind of frustrates me."

WeAreSC- I know that you and Kenny have known each other for awhile through basketball. Does the fact that he's not coming to USC anymore affect your decision at all?

Siler- "No, not really. I mean, I don't like how they just did that though. I'm kind of sitting here thinking, ‘Ok, where's my call? Are they going to tell me the same thing?' Of course Keith (Rivers), he's going to go there likely. So, I wouldn't want to get that call late. You know, ‘Well, Keith came. We don't really want you anymore.'"

WeAreSC- Do you have official visits set up with other schools?

Siler- "All the rest of them. I told you, I'm kind of chancy about Maryland. My birthday is on the 5th and that's when I'm supposed to go to Maryland. I've still got a question mark about Maryland. They just signed four linebackers, four freshmen linebackers. I can't wait to talk to them. I have the University of Florida on the 9th of January, Tennessee on the 17th, and LSU on the 23rd. I'm definitely going to Tennessee and LSU."

WeAreSC- Are you signed up to play in any post-season All-Star games?

Siler- "Yeah, the Califlorida Bowl." Top Stories