Mike Williams update

Mike Williams is one of the top receivers in Florida so how did he become interested in the Trojans? Click below to find out

Tampa Plant's Mike Williams embodies the new ideal for wide receivers. At 6'5 and 205 pounds, he has the size and strength that allow him to just overpower and out-position smaller defensive backs for the ball. Running a 4.5 40 yard dash, the Florida star also has the speed to sprint past most defensive backs. It's this impressive combination that has college coaches clamoring for his services at the next level.

On the recruiting front, Williams listed "USC, FSU, Florida, Virginia, Purdue, and North Carolina" as his favorites. He also stated that no one leads out of that group and that he's really just enjoying the process right now, "No, I'm just shooting the breeze, seeing who's playing good football, who's throwing it." Williams has currently set up visits with Purdue for December 1st, Virginia for December 8th, and one tentatively set up with USC for January 19th, "the 19th is probably when."

One of the more personable recruits I've talked to, in response to a question I asked concerning his priorities in choosing a school, Williams stated "Well, there ain't nothing wrong with L.A....yeah, there's nothing wrong with where USC's at, that's for sure." On a more serious note, Williams responded in further depth to that question, "I'd say probably what direction the program is going in, because sometimes programs that have been down, start to come up." The Blue Chip receiver also discussed the influence of the amount of time on the field he might see early on, "not really playing time but, you know, someone's got ten receivers coming back on scholarship. That might be something I want to stay away from, and everyone's trying to sign big receivers these days. I want to go somewhere where I stand out a little bit."

How the big receiver became interested in the Trojans is one of the more interesting recruiting stories I've heard recently. Williams explained, "My quarterback is the tight end coach's brother-in-law,…. Lane Kiffin." This, no doubt, gave coach Kiffin a little head start on many other recruiters.

Williams is having a big year for 3-3 Plant after a great junior year that saw him grab 19 passes for 826 yards and 12 touchdowns. He's not sure about his exact numbers this year but gave a guess, "I couldn't tell you. All I know is that I've got four touchdowns and probably about 300 yards receiving." Tampa Plant takes on Brandon High School this weekend.

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