MMQB recap (11/24)

There were more Trojans at today's Monday Morning Quarter Back luncheon than I ever remember attending before - and that goes back to JR I. Town and Gown was set to its maximum and they still crowed in more last minute tables to cover the over flow crowd. Pete Carroll was very enthusiastic about how our team dominated in the ucla game and the crowd returned his delight with standing applause and loud cheering.

Pete showed several special team plays including the TD runback by Reggie Bush. To balance things a little, he also showed the fake field goal and run by Tom Malone that definitely did not work.

The offensive plays went on forever, but no one complained. The passes were excellent and even on the few occasions when the bruins had coverage, we simply made the play. Several runs looked good also. Pete confirmed the newspaper report that we had indeed called several running plays that were changed to passes at the line of scrimmage. On several of the best pass plays, the coach called attention to the great blocks made by Hershel Dennis on blitzing LB's. The whole presentation was a celebration with applause breaking out after several great performances were shown.

The defensive selections were also very spectacular. There were so many tackles behind the line of scrimmage that it seemed almost ho-hum after we saw 10 or more. Pete's favorite play is the corner blitz and he showed several of them over and over. The bruins were simply not prepared to defense that play and never adjusted. Each defensive player was featured on at least one play. One of the best was the blitz that popped the ball loose with Mike Patterson scooping and scoring. Then Pete showed the 2-point conversion attempt that Dallas Sartz tipped and Shaun Cody intercepted. Coach has a lot of fun with everyone showing how hard Cody tried to score but finally just ran out of gas.

The Question and Answer period was long, enjoyable and informative. The normal questions about injuries, Oregon State and the BCS came up. Pete repeated his position on the BCS as simply that he doesn't worry about it and doesn't want the team to either. He only worries about things they can control. The coach said that he expects Norm Chow and the other coaches on our staff to be contacted for jobs at other schools, but he said he'd do all he can to keep the staff together. He deferred answering questions about recruiting saying that we only had 3 or 4 more positions to fill. He did provide some hints as to our success this past weekend but I simply cannot pass them along without breaking my pledge. Needless to say, things are good.

This meeting concluded the MMQB series for this year. I would encourage anyone who can, to attend next year since Pete Carroll is very open with his remarks and entertaining with his presentation. The organization of the luncheons is the best it has ever been. Top Stories