Sunday practice report

The Trojans reported back to the practice field on Sunday night after taking a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. The team held a night practice under the lights and got in some good work in preparation for Oregon State.

The practice started with a lot of special teams drills. After that they broke into passing drills and John Walker did a good job on one play when he broke up a deep pass headed to Whitney Lewis. The best completion of the drill was a pass from Matt Leinart to Steve Smith.

The 1st team USC defense moved to Brian Kennedy Field to face the service offense and Andre Woodert provided a good challenge for the defense, particularly on one run where he showed a few moves and gained about 12 yards through the middle of the defense. For the most part the Trojan D was strong and didn't allow much in the passing game.

The 1st team offense went against the service defense and Hershel Dennis broke off a long run with a good cutback behind the line of scrimmage. Reggie Bush also caught a couple nice passes.

The team came together for the scrimmage situations at the end of practice including a lot of work on 3rd down drills. The healthy linebackers got a lot of action as Nick Holt really only had four guys to work with (Sartz, Tatupu, Ashton and Williams). Thomas Williams provided the hit of the day when he met Gregg Guenther right after a short pass arrived and the pop forced the ball loose. Keep an eye on Williams in spring ball as he tries to make an impact with a starting job open next year at WLB. Leinart threw a ball over the middle that was a little high but Steve Smith went up to make a great catch against coverage from Greg Farr. Dennis had a long run down the left sideline. Mike Patterson did a good job of reading a potential screen to Dennis and he was able to disrupt the play for no gain. John Walker had another nice play today when he knocked away a sideline pass intended for Lewis that was thrown on a rope by Leinart. The pass breakup brought cheers from the defensive coaches. Top Stories