Lorenzo Booker update

How does Booker feel about the depth charts at RB for the top schools he is looking at? Click below to find out.

Mark: So how has your season gone so far?

Zo: Good, we're 6-0 and I just broke a 1000 this past week. I had 14 carries for 145 yards last night, but I only had 16 yards going into the half. I mean the clock they ate up was just ridiculous. We had one possession in the first quarter and two in the second. They went on a nine-minute drive for 80 yards. It was just ridiculous. But in the second half, we came out and that's when I started exploding.

Mark: Do you have your season stats on you?

Zo: I'm not sure but I'd guess around 1100 on 98 carries.

Mark: OK, schools, has your list changed at all?

Zo: I gave you a final nine last time, right? Well, it's still there, man. I was supposed to go to FSU last weekend, but it got cancelled because we had a game, so I'm going Nov. 9.

Mark: Have you been paying attention to SC and what they've been doing?

Zo: Yeah, well I know they lost a close game to UW and I mean losing that close to a top ranked team, it just shows a glimpse of greatness right there. I think next year those close games that they're losing right now are the ones they'll be winning.

Mark: What do you think about their offense? Did you happen to catch yesterday's game?

Zo: I couldn't because I had a game. But I've been hearing that they've been doing pretty good and I'm glad that they won. I want to see that game, I'm sure it will be on TV anyway.

Mark: Can you give me your thoughts about early PT at USC? UCLA? FSU and any other school that you'd like to mention?

Zo: I'm definitely looking at depth they have at my position Like I said before, depth doesn't make me shy away at all, but I think it's promising that I would play early at USC. It's just that I don't think they have great depth at TB. Schools like UCLA that are packed at RB, and I'm not saying I'm looking at SC any harder, but at SC I would say that I probably have the greatest chance of playing early. Then I would say UW and ND.

Sorry folks, but this is where my tape recorder ran out of juice and I didn't even realize it, but I do remember Lorenzo saying that getting his jersey # early definitely matters to him (Yes, I asked him). He said that it wouldn't make or break any school, but if two schools were equal, he would go with the school that had his jersey ready for him. He told me that he doesn't want the jersey over an older player that deserves it over him, but it would be nice. Apparently, he was in coach Carroll's office and the coach had his jersey waiting there for him on the couch. He's always worn #1 and he said "it's just me" and he wouldn't feel the same with a different #. He also told me that Whitney Lewis is 6-2 210 and in his opinion, the best receiver around. He said that he dragged some defenders for 15 yards after catching a slant yesterday. He is originally from Texas, so of course he likes them in addition to USC, UCLA and FSU, basically all the schools Lorenzo likes. I truly apologize about the tape thing. It won't happen again, trust me.

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