Wednesday practice report

It was a sharp practice with a lot of emphasis on tempo from the Trojan coaches. The coaches seemed to be paying a lot of attention to keeping the team sharp with their basic assignments such as breaking the huddle and creating the proper spacing when lining up on the line. With so much at stake on Saturday, it's clear the coaches want the team to be focused on doing the little things right.

As is his habit, Pete Carroll took his turn at QB for some early throwing drills and it was as good a performance as we've seen from PC. He was showing a very live arm today with a lot of zip including a couple deep balls that were complete with the coach/QB showing a lot of emotion.

Matt Grootegoed went through early drills but then sat out the last half of practice. It's still a to be determined situation with Matt in terms of whether he'll be able to play or not on Saturday but, if not, we did see Melvin Simmons out there for the whole day today so we could see Melvin return to the starting line-up.

Matt Leinart continued to look good, very comfortable. Matt hit a couple deep passes to Steve Smith and one to Mike Williams despite good coverage from Will Poole. The daily battles between Poole and Williams are sure fun to watch and they do nothing but make each other better. Leinart also had a deep pass to Williams broken up on a nice play by John Walker. Leinart threw a touchdown pass to Reggie Bush where he just put the ball out there and let Reggie run under it after Walker tripped trying to follow the play. Justin Wyatt had good coverage against Whitney Lewis on a deep pass and just smothered him to prevent the completion. Poole was called for an obvious interference penalty against Keary Colbert on a deep route that would've been a touchdown. Brandon Hance got a lot of snaps and looked pretty good, his arm strength has improved during the fall and he was throwing hard on some short passes. Top Stories