Justin Wyatt update

Wyatt has put up huge numbers on offense this season for Dominguez but is he a firm commit to the Trojans?

Just last Friday, Justin Wyatt of Compton Dominguez HS put in one of the most amazing HS performances I have ever heard of. Take a look at these numbers: 9 of 11for 186 yards and 2 TD's throwing the ball, 9 rushes for 161 yards and 2 TD's running the ball. As if those numbers alone weren't enough, when you consider the fact that this was his first time playing QB this year and the fact that he played defense all game and didn't allow a single completion against a very good team, that is pretty amazing stuff. Fortunately for Trojan fans, he is now a solid commit to USC. I had a chance to talk to him tonight, and here's what he had to say:

Mark: Justin, I'd like to start by complementing you on your awesome performance last weekend. I didn't know you could play QB.

Justin: Well, I've been trying and I guess I finally got my chance.

Mark: I understand you were at the USC-ASU game. How did that go?

Justin: It was cool. We played the way we should have played, or should have been playing all year.

Mark: We? Does that mean you're a firm commitment to USC?

Justin: Yeah, It's firm.

Mark: Great, how do you feel about the possibility of early PT?

Justin: I'm just going to come in and compete, and the best player is going to play. So, I like my chances.

Mark: OK, so we know you're a great QB, but how has your season gone as a CB?

Justin: Oh man, no one will throw to me at all! Warren, the team we just played, they threw to me just one time and I guess the guy saw me closing, so he threw it out of bounds, so It's like I'm wasting my energy out there. They just run me off and throw it the other way.

Mark: So how many times do you think your opponents have thrown your way all year? How many completions?

Justin: Three attempts and no completions.

Mark: Do you return kicks?

Justin: Yeah, I do. I think I've got three TD's, two on kicks and one on a punt.

Mark: You think you'll play QB at USC?

Justin: I don't think so(laughing). I mean, I'd like to, but it's the height disadvantage, I'm not like Carson Palmer.

Mark: How would describe your QB abilities?

Justin: Michael Vick. Michael Vick(laughing). I mean, every pass I threw was on target. I was 9-11, one pass was a few inches out of bounds, it was a fade route in the endzone, and the other was just dropped, it was a streak.

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