Albert Toeaina update

Mark: Albert, has SC offered you yet?

Albert: No, not yet.

Mark: So who are your top schools then?

Albert: In order, UW, USC, Cal, LSU, Fresno State.

Mark: So if SC offered, would they lead?

Albert: I think they would be tied with Washington.

Mark: How has your season gone? Do you know your stats?

Albert: My seasons gone well, but we don't keep stats. The coaches don't care about that. I haven't given up any sacks though. We just lost to De La Salle.

Mark: Oh, how did you do against Derek Landri?

Albert: Man, every time I went over to his side, he went to the other side. Everyone in the community was asking "Are you ready for Landri?" and I was like "Yup." My coach wanted to put me on him, to see who was better and he kept switching the whole game.

Mark: Have you watched any SC games?

Albert: I've only seen one because I'm really busy. I saw the KSU game and I think SC is pretty good, but they just need to stay consistent. Top Stories