Scott Ware trip report

Junior college All-American Scott Ware took his official visit to USC this weekend to see his future home. Ware gave his thoughts on the trip and a recap of his season:

Ware finished his season at Santa Rosa Junior College by leading his team to an undefeated 11-0 record including a bowl game victory where he was named Defensive Player of the Game.

"It was great to play in the bowl game because it was rainy and muddy and it reminded me of when you would play football in the park as a kid," said Ware. "I got a little sick from playing in that game because it was so rainy but I knew it was my last game in junior college so I just went out and played hard. It had been three weeks since we last played so I was healthy, I was up to 215 pounds and it was a good day. I had some tackles, I'm not sure how many, one interception, a fake punt that I ran for 45 yards and a 20 yard punt return.

"I ended up being named a Junior College All-American first team by the JC Grid-Wire and I was also Defensive Player of the Year for California. Those were goals that I had set for myself at the beginning of the season so it's nice to know when you've reached your goals."

Ware had given a verbal commit to the Trojans last summer and had attended several home games during the season so the official visit was a chance to re-inforce his decision to attend USC.

"Every time I go down there I'm happier with my decision," he said. "It makes me feel good to know that I made the right decision. This trip was a good opportunity to meet with the academic advisors and to learn about the tutor programs and how they go about trying to help the athlete. It's nice to know how much they are going to help me to be the best football player I can be and to be the best student I can be.

"My host during the trip was Matt Leinart and that was kind of fun, he's a good guy. The whole trip was just a lot of fun. We went to some pretty nice places with a lot of atmosphere, the Papadakis Taverna, Beaches in Manhattan Beach, Universal CityWalk. It was funny because Coach Carroll came out with us and it was cool to see the reactions from people when they saw him. People were yelling out "BCS sucks" and stuff like that. I also got to meet the lead singer from Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath I think his name is, and someone told me he went to USC. He just came up and said hello to everybody when we were at the Fox Sky Box on Friday night.

"Right now I'm just waiting on my letter of intent paperwork which the coaches are sending overnight. I'm filling out all my housing paperwork right now and I'll be ready to report to school on January 8th. I'll definitely be watching the Rose Bowl with my family on New Years Day." Top Stories