Trojan coaches visit Ginn

Glenville's (OH) Ted Ginn jr had a busy schedule this week with in-home visits from both Michigan and USC. WeAreSC caught up with the top rated prep corner for his thoughts on the Trojan visit and more.

"Coach Burns, Coach Kiffin, Coach Carroll, and the track coach (Ron Allice) were all there. Basically they just went over some of the things that I already knew, that we had gone over when I was down there. They came in and just went over the basics, what I can do down there and stuff like that. I can play on both sides of the ball, but I'd first start off at corner. It was really just a review. It was all a review. It was good. Michigan came in on Wednesday, Coach Carr and Scot Loeffler. It was basically a review again. They just went over the basics, the academic stuff."

Despite the recent in-home's, Ginn still claims no leader and is open between Pitt, Ohio State, Michigan, and USC, "I don't know right now. I don't know what's going to go on. I'm going to sit down tomorrow and talk about it all with my parents. I haven't talked about it with them yet. See where to go from there. I'll have my decision made by January 3rd and that's when everybody will know." Top Stories