JJ's Keys to the Game

Former Trojan wide receiver John Jackson played in three Rose Bowls during his USC career and he gives his keys to this game between the Trojans and Michigan.


1) Plenty of Perry to go around
"Chris Perry needs to have 35 touches of the ball and over 200 all-purpose yards."

2) Bend but don't break
"Michigan's defense has to force USC into long, sustained drives while hoping that SC makes mistakes along the way."

3) Air Navarre
"There will come a point in the game where Navarre will have to make plays with his arm. He's going to have to go downfield and he's going to have to be on target. He can't afford to miss open receivers."


1) Quickness over strength
"Michigan has a very big offensive line up front but they have not seen a defense as quick and athletic as USC. The Trojans need to use that to their strength, be quick slanting into the gaps and attacking Perry."

2) Patience with Three Horsemen
"SC's game plan has to be careful not to get too caught up in the big play and going for the throat. They need to be patient with the three running backs they have and allow those guys to make plays for you. Short plays often turn into big plays with this run game."

3) Leinart...be Leinart
"Matt Leinart has to do what he's done ever since the end of the Cal game which is spread the ball around to all of his weapons, he has a ton of weapons around him, it's a big game, the biggest game he's ever played in so don't try to do more than what he's done for the last 8 games."

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