Scott Ware to enroll in fall

Junior college safety Scott Ware was originally scheduled to enroll at USC for the spring semester but instead will enroll next fall. Click on the story for the interview with Scott to get an update on his status:

"I was planning to be there for the spring but I lost a little focus in one class during the fall semester and had some problems. It was stupid of me, I screwed it up. I'll be staying up here for the spring now, I'll be taking three classes at the junior college and working a job as well. My plan is to be down at SC as soon as the semester ends in June and let's just say I'll be newly focused.

I'm sure this will only be a bump in the road. It sure would have been nice to be down there for spring ball to get a chance to bond with the team though. I mean, they are coming off a national championship season and that would be a tight group to break in with. To have a chance to spend those two extra months with the guys would have been nice.

I'm just happy I'm still going to be a Trojan. I talked with Coach Carroll and Coach Orgeron and they said everything is fine, they are going to send me a copy of the playbook and some game videos so I can get ready.

One person who is really upset about this is my girlfriend. She already enrolled at Cal State Fullerton for the spring because she thought I'd be at USC but now she's down there and I'm up here." Top Stories