Trojan Power Clinic

The Trojan strength coaches will be holding a Trojan Power Clinic in February to demonstrate the strength program for coaches of all levels. Click below for more information:

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                                        For coaches of all levels


                                         Saturday, February 7th


                                                USC campus




National Champion Trojans Are Just Getting Started!


The fastest football team in the country continues to become more explosive and remains the most dominant second half team in the country.  Trojans have shed blood, sweat and tears working on speed, plyometrics, strength and conditioning.


Head strength coach Chris Carlisle and his staff have physically challenged the Trojans to improve strength, speed and explosive abilities.  Trojan golf, tennis, volleyball and track also have won national titles under this program.


In just three off-seasons the football power clean average has increased from 270 to over 300 pounds.  28 players now bench press over 400 pounds compared to 4 in 2000. 


No Holding Back!


You asked for it, you got it.  This years clinic is formatted to show you how exactly we train Trojan athletes from the warm up to the last rep of the grueling auxiliary circuits.  The USC Strength staff encourages your participation.  Ask any question and feel free to film all demonstrations.  We will ask you to help demonstrate auxiliary circuits the only way to train…The Trojan Way.



For registration information please call 213/740-0067 or send an e-mail to Top Stories