Post-trip Q&A with Jeff Schweiger

WeAreSC caught up with Trojan commit Jeff Schweiger for his thoughts on his official visit to USC this past weekend.

WeAreSC- How did your official visit to USC go this weekend?

Schweiger- "It was tight, everything I expected. It just made me more excited."

WeAreSC- If you can, go through the weekend and talk about what you did on the trip.

Schweiger- "When we first got there, the first thing we did was academic stuff. I did Communications. Mine was really short. I was separate from everyone else. They took me to the Communications office and we took a tour, and hen we took a tour of the campus. Then I went out with Shaun Cody (host). We went to Grootegoed's house and then over to Mike Williams'. The next night we went out to the House of Blues. For dinner, we went to Papadakis'. It was cool. There were belly dancers, and there was this one huge one. She had to be like 240 pounds. It was kind of hard to watch. They were breaking glasses and throwing plates all over the place. There was music and Greek dancing. It was fun. This morning we woke up and went to a restaurant, Beaches. We went there and had breakfast and then we had our individual meetings. I had my meeting first with Coach O and Coach Carroll."

WeAreSC- What was that meeting like?

Schweiger- "They just talked about how they were real excited about me coming, and how even though I already committed, they're sticking with everything they said before. They say athletically I'm ready to play right now and that as long as I do what they think I can do, then I'll be able to get in there my freshman year and play against Virginia Tech. And he said he wants me to get my first sack against Virginia Tech."

WeAreSC- Did you get a chance to check out the Coliseum on the trip?

Schweiger- "Yeah, we went into the locker room and then we put on jerseys, and then we checked out the locker room. Then we went outside and Coach wanted us to act like it was a game, so we did this chant, and walked out, and the fight song was playing. Then they took us out to the middle of the field and put our names up on the board. It was cool."

WeAreSC- There are some rumors out there that a couple of recruits committed on Saturday night at Papadakis'.

Schweiger- "Yeah, Herring and Hinds, both of them committed there."

WeAreSC- Did you see Eugene Germany commit on the trip?

Schweiger- "I didn't see him commit, no."

WeAreSC- So is it safe to say that you're commitment is still solid?

Schweiger- "Yeah, even more solid. I'm not even thinking about anything else at all." Top Stories