Q&A with Keith Rivers

Lake St Mary (FL) linebacker Keith Rivers recently confirmed his verbal commitment to the University of Southern California Trojans and in this interview he talks about that commitment and what advice he would give to other recruits about to go through the process:

Tell us about the reaction of the SC coaches when you finally made things official?

"It was pretty exciting. I had a chance to talk with all of the coaches and they were pretty excited about everything. I talked to them the day before I made the announcement and they were fired up."

What are USC fans going to be seeing from Keith Rivers both on and off field?

"On the field I like to fly after the ball, I just like to hustle and make plays. Off the field I just want to be a good guy and work as hard as possible. I try not to get into some of the negative stuff that athletes can get into."

How hectic did things get in the last stretch of recruiting?

"It got pretty hectic. It was down to basically two schools though so it wasn't as bad as it could have been."

Is there a way that you can prepare for the recruiting process? What advice would you give to someone who is about to go through it?

"I would advise a player to go through the process as early as possible. You want to have a chance to enjoy your football season without getting phone calls all the time from coaches and reporters and everything. Once the football season is over, unless you win the state championship, you're going to be in a funk after playing your last high school football game. I would say to go on your trips as soon as possible and compare the schools you are interested in as much as you can. I had a gut feeling when I came to SC last summer for the camp that it was where I wanted to go but when I took my official visit to Florida it gave me some things to think about because I really had a chance to compare that to SC. I thought SC was the right place and that gave me a chance to make sure."

How much did the official visit to SC help clinch things in your mind?

"A lot because it gave me a chance to meet more of the players and to watch a practice. I also had a real good chance to see more of the academics. I got to speak to the head of the business school and stuff like that. The Papadakis trip was awesome as well."

Can you confirm that you will be wearing #55?


What position are the coaches talking with you about playing right now?

"Will backer."

Are you coming out for summer workouts?

"Yes, I'll be coming out around May 30th. I'm also going to come out during my spring break to watch spring ball practices."

You face a lot of pressure down in Florida from the local schools, how much does it help when SC wins the national title?

"Definitely. People can't really say much about your decision because it's like, they won the national title so what are you going to say?"

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