Rachal is solid

In recent weeks, there have been rumors floating around that elite offensive line prospect Chilo Rachal was wavering on his commitment to USC, so much so that The Insiders' had changed his commitment to a "soft verbal" in the recruiting database. Rachal, who keeps up on the latest recruiting news, recently became aware of this and wanted to set the record straight in his conversation with WeAreSC tonight.

"Hey, how come they've got "soft verbal" next to my name?", Rachal said right off the bat. When told that the change in the database had to do with some recent official trips that he was taking, the big offensive lineman explained, "I took those already. They were cool, but I'm done. I'm not going anywhere else. The program is on the rise. The team, they're willing to win, do whatever it takes. That's what I like about them. The chemistry that they have is amazing."

Rachal, who was hosted on his official visit to USC this past weekend by former Don teammate, Justin Wyatt, explained that the trip definitely made a positive impression. "It was tight," he said. "We got some good commitments. It was wonderful. We had lunch, went over academics, toured the campus, hung out with the players, and we went out to dinner. The first night we went to some restaurant at Universal City Walk. The second night we went to Papadakis'. Man, that was when everyone started committing (Herring & Hinds). I liked it. Breaking dishes, it was tight. I also met with the coaches. They talked about the program, where I'm going to fit in at, what's going to be my role, and how I can get out there and compete early. They're going to let me play left guard. That's what I want to play. That really got me fired up, they're going to let me play the position that I feel comfortable at."

In talking to Rachal, its apparent that his commitment to USC can safely be considered as being solid, and he's excited about the makeup of this year's recruiting class, "I think we're going to have the number one recruiting class in the country," he said. "I know we are, and plus the dudes that are going to commit, that haven't committed yet, that we know are committing, we're going to have the number one recruiting class in the country. We already have it, I think, right now. The number one defensive line, the number one offensive line, the number one receiving core, nobody's going to have a better group than us this year."

Currently participating in basketball, Rachal will start workouts up at USC this summer, and having recently earned a 900 on his SAT, again confirmed that he is fully qualified and set to go.

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