Dan Coats update

Dan Coats is one of the top WR's on the USC wish list and at 6'3", 212 lbs he has the size to be dominant at the college level

We first spoke with Daniel Coats (6'3, 212 lbs) of Northridge High School in Utah two months ago. Coats is a big, dominating receiver and he could easily star at a number of other positions in college. Tonight, I had a chance to get a short updated interview with the versatile athlete regarding his recruitment and current season. Below is the text of the interview.

jcjc: What schools are you looking at right now?

Coats: North Carolina State, BYU, USC, Michigan, and Colorado.

jcjc: Who has offered out of that group?

Coats: USC, Colorado, and BYU

jcjc: Do you have any leaders out of that top 5?

Coats: No, I don't.

jcjc: Have you set up any visits?

Coats: I haven't, I was going to do them all after the season?

jcjc: Do you hear from any school more than the others?

Coats: I hear from Colorado the most.

jcjc: What coach from USC do you hear from the most?

Coats: Norm Chow.

jcjc: What got you interested in USC?

Coats: I like Norm Chow a lot. He's a really good guy and I like the offense a lot.

jcjc: What are you looking for in the school you choose?

Coats: What offense they run and how the quarterbacks are and the people they'll have when I'm there.

jcjc: How's your season going?

Coats: We just won in the quarterfinals.

jcjc: Who did you play and what was the score?

Coats: Copper Hill and it was 77-23.

jcjc: What's your team's record on the year?

Coats: 9-0.

jcjc: Do you have any of your current stats on the year?

Coats: I don't. I won't know until after the season.

jcjc: What position have you been playing on offense and defense?

Coats: I've been playing wideout and a little bit of tailback. On defense, just free safety.

jcjc: At what position is USC recruiting you at?

Coats: Receiver.

jcjc: Who do you play this week?

Coats: Clairfield

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