National Championship ceremony

The USC Trojans held a national championship ceremony on campus today in honor of the three national title winning teams this fall; football, women's volleyball and men's water polo. Click below for a recap and photos:

It was a picture perfect day with clear sunny skies as the Cardinal and Gold faithful gathered at Cromwell Field to celebrate their national championships.

Athletic Director Mike Garrett was the first speaker and he began by saying "How bout those Trojans". He later commented that USC has waited a long time to dominate college athletics again but with three national titles in the fall we are well on our way to being that dominant program again.

University President Steven Sample spoke of how proud he was of the student-athletes and how they prove success in academics and athletics is possible.

Water Polo coach Jovan Vavic came to the stage after Sample and, with his thick accent, said "Awesome job Mister President. Without you we don't have kids with 4.0 GPA's and 1390 SAT's." Vavic then went on to introduce several members of his team and he thanked his wife.

Volleyball coach Mick Haley reviewed some of the impressive stats from the team this year (108-5 record in games played, 47 match win streak, back to back titles) and then said "this USC team is the best in modern women's collegiate volleyball history". He added "nobody has ever won three straight titles but we're gonna try."

Last, but certainly not least, was football coach Pete Carroll who came to the podium and basked in the lengthy ovation before saying "It's a great day to share with everybody the success the team had this year. We're grateful and proud to be here to celebrate with these three teams, it's a new day at USC. The standard has been set high but these players don't mind. Go ahead and set the expectations high because we're not gonna low ball it, we're gonna shoot for as high as we can go with this thing. We filled up the Coliseum this year and just wait to see what we do next year. It would be wrong not to also mention how young we were this year and two of those young guys who deserve a lot of credit are Mike Williams and Matt Leinart."

With that Williams and Leinart came to the microphone with Williams saying "Thank you for coming out and supporting the water polo and volleyball teams today. They said it couldn't be done this year after we lost Carson and Troy but we came through and it was mainly from the man right here to my right". Leinart then stepped up and added "We're proud to be part of this. Thank you."

There was a funny moment during the actual trophy presentations as Roger Lodge, radio host on 1540theTicket and TV host of "Blind Date" took the stage and said the team would be picking one of their own to appear on "Blind Date". The players picked Frostee Rucker and Carroll said that was nice because now Frostee could finally get a date.

Trojan football players on stage at ceremony

Sample, Carroll, Haley and Vavic

Pete Carroll at the microphone

Matt Leinart and Mike Williams

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