Q&A with Dwayne Jarrett

New Brunswick's (NJ)Dwayne Jarrett is one of the most prized prospects in this year's recruiting class. A true big play threat with rare 6'4 size, he looks to have everything you'd want in a wide out. WeAreSC caught up with the blue chip standout and he gives us the latest.

WeAreSC- How's recruiting going and who are you down to now?

Jarrett- "It's going good. I like USC, Ohio State, and Virginia."

WeAreSC- Do you have a leader, or does any school or couple of schools stand out right now out of those 3?

Jarrett- "USC stands out…Ohio State too."

WeAreSC- What do you like about each of your favorites?

Jarrett- "USC, they've got a great program. On the field, they won the National Championship, so that's big. Ohio State, they always have a great program and they need receivers to come there and make an impact. Virginia, they've been recruiting me for awhile, so I'm still looking at them."

WeAreSC- Now that we're getting close to signing day, what are the different factors that you're looking at in choosing a school?

Jarrett- "The education, what school I feel most comfortable at, and which school I think I can help take them to the National Championship."

WeAreSC- Are you looking at the different types of offenses that each school uses and is that something that will play a role?

Jarrett- "Yeah, that's why I like USC a lot, because the offense that they run, they use three receivers or four receivers a lot, so that's a big factor."

WeAreSC- There have been a lot of rumors out there lately that distance from home might be a pretty big factor in your decision. Is that true?

Jarrett- "No, not really, because whichever school I go to, I'm not going to be at home except for the days we get off, like three or four days a year, so that's not really a factor."

WeAreSC- Does your family have a preference?

Jarrett- "They're pretty much just leaving it up to me, where I feel most comfortable. They'll support me with whatever decision I make."

WeAreSC- Is early playing time something that you're looking at too?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I'm looking at that too. I'm going to go in and be in good position for a starting job at USC, Ohio State, and Virginia. That was something that I always looked at."

WeAreSC- Have you been having a lot of in-home visits lately?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I had an in-home visit with Iowa, Syracuse, and I still have in-home visits with USC and Virginia."

WeAreSC- When is USC coming in?

Jarrett- "This coming Sunday."

WeAreSC- Have you been in contact recently with the coaches from USC?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I always stay in contact with them. I always stay in contact with the coaches in my top 3."

WeAreSC- When was the last time that you spoke to the Trojan coaches?

Jarrett- "My position coach, Coach Kiffin. That was today. He came down here today and spoke to me at school."

WeAreSC- How did that go?

Jarrett- "It was good. He just basically laid out the plan that they have for me, what position I'd play, how everything would work out, my playing time, and how it's a good opportunity for me to come there and play."

WeAreSC- In the past you've mentioned that you talk pretty often with your host from the USC visit, Mike Williams. Have you guys been in contact recently?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I talked to Mike last week, and I talked to Will (Poole) a couple weeks ago. Mike, he basically told me that when I come in, I'm going to play regardless, because I was worried a little bit about how many receivers that are coming in, but he was like ‘you'll play.' I'm going to be playing on the other side of Mike. Me and him play the same position, the X, so we'll be alternating in and out and then when we go wide's, I'll be on the opposite side."

WeAreSC- How's your basketball season coming along?

Jarrett- "We're doing pretty good. When I was in Texas, at the All-American game, we lost one game though. I'm averaging, I think, around 24 points a game."

WeAreSC- I saw that you made a couple of grabs in the All-American game. What was that like? Any players impress you there?

Jarrett- "It was cool. I enjoyed myself down there, playing with all of those guys. It was more competitive and gave me a taste about what the next level will be like. Ted Ginn, we were going at it in practice. He impressed me a lot. Willie Williams, Keith Rivers, he's really good, and I was impressed with the quarterbacks we had. They had certain things that were different about them. Xaiver Lee is more versatile, Henne and Brohm, they were more stay in the pocket quarterbacks, and they were more accurate."

WeAreSC- I heard that you have some pretty big plans for signing day?

Jarrett- "ESPN is supposed is supposed to be coming in for my decision on signing day. I don't know, they have to call me. They're supposed to do it by this weekend."

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