MMQB report

There was a good crowd of approximately 150 and a positive but reserved attitude from those in attendance.

The Monday Morning Quarterbacks met with coach Pete Carroll in Town and Gown
for lunch on Monday, October 29th.  There was a good crowd of approximately
150 and a positive but reserved attitude from those in attendance.  The
Trojans at my table basically felt that we had played better football in a
couple of our previous losses than we did last Saturday.  The coach pointed
to our ability to make big plays when the game was on the line as the

The Coach was affable and open in his comments about the game and our
players.  He spent some time describing the steps he took to motivate for
the game.  In response to one question, he described his frustration with -
and recognition of the fact that we were in a cycle of letting down in the
forth quarter.

He seems to have a good handle on what is happening without putting down
anyone or any group on the team, and admits that we have a depth problem.
By the end of the Arizona game, he only had 15 defensive players available
to play.  In case you think it's rather obvious that the head coach would
know what's really happening on his own team, let me remind those who have
forgotten, that some of our recent coaches came to MMQB and tried to sell
the story that things were OK when almost everyone knew they were not.  PC
has not done that so far.

He showed the tape of several plays from the Arizona game.  First selections
were our offense and the second our defense.  He is very informative about
what we try to do on each play and why they worked or failed to work.  He
did comment that he had watched the replay on TV and was surprised at how
incorrect the TV analysis was.  I think we could have told him that in

He talked about OSU and predicted it would be a good game.  We adjourned
just before 1:00 PM. Top Stories