Trojan recruiting status

With less than two weeks left to go the Trojans are still in good position with several of the top players on the wish list, including four of the best wide receivers in the nation. Click below for an update on where these players stand:

Rocky Hinds - Rocky gave a verbal to the Trojans at the Taverna last Saturday night according to several other recruits on the trip but to this point Rocky has not publicly confirmed anything. He will be taking a trip to Nebraska this weekend but Rocky is a Trojan and it would be surprising to see that change.

Fred Davis - The Davis saga is coming down to the wire and it appears to be a battle between the Trojans and Buckeyes with many signs indicating USC could be the team to beat. Fred has been fairly quiet this week as he finalizes his options so the speculation on the message boards has been at a fever pitch. An announcement could come as soon as Monday so we won't have to wait much longer on this one.

Dwayne Jarrett - There had been a virtual silence from Jarrett for several weeks which led to much guessing about his status but finally there were interviews this week which shed new light on the situation. Dwayne had a meeting this week with Trojan receiver coach Lane Kiffin and he seems to be in a good position with his thoughts about USC right now in part due to some conversations with Mike Williams. Ohio State is still in the mix along with Virginia but the Trojans would have to be considered a solid favorite right now.

Cameron Colvin - The Trojans had the kind of recruiting weekend they needed to have with Colvin last week and he left with a very positive impression of USC. Cameron will take a trip to Miami this weekend and then come back and make a final decision between USC, Michigan, Oregon and the Canes. It may seem odd to say USC is the favorite once again when it comes to a top receiver but that is the case with Colvin as well.

Derrick Jones - There continue to be rumors that USC is no longer recruiting Derrick but that is not the case. He remains a priority on the wish list and he is also known to favor the Trojans despite the fact that he will not be taking an official visit.

Rhyan Anderson - It seems as if many recruiting fans had assumed Rhyan was a longshot for the Trojans but here we are with less than two weeks before signing day and USC has a legitimate shot. He had long been favoring Miami but now it appears as if the Trojans, Gators and Buckeyes are all going to be a factor as well. The Trojans will be sending Carroll, Orgeron and Kiffin for an in-home meeting on Sunday and Rhyan will be narrowing down his list shortly after that.

Eugene Germany - Eugene had hoped to make an announcement yesterday but after in-home visits this week with coaches from both of his top two choices, USC and Michigan, he appears torn and will take more time before finalizing a decision. He had a good visit to USC last weekend and is close with several other Trojan verbals including Chilo Rachal and Thomas Herring. Top Stories