Jarrett down to two

WeAreSC caught up with New Brunswick's (NJ) Dwayne Jarrett tonight for the latest on his recruitment. He shares his thoughts on the recent in-home visit with USC, and he also reveals that he is now down to two schools. Did USC make the cut?

WeAreSC- How's everything been going over the last couple of weeks?

Jarrett- "It's been going good."

WeAreSC- The last time I spoke to you, you were set to have an in-home visit with USC the following weekend. How did that go?

Jarrett- "Yeah, last week. It went good. Coach Kiffin came in. He was talking to me about coming in, the plans that they have for me and everything. It went good. I pretty much understand what they want me for. He basically said that I have a great chance to come out there and play and contribute to the team right away as long as I just come out there and work hard."

WeAreSC- Did you hear that one of your teammates from the Army All-American game, Fred Davis, just enrolled at USC?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I think that's good. Me and Fred Davis, we're real cool. If he's out there, and I'm out there, that'll make it harder for defenses to stop us. And with Mike too."

WeAreSC- Have any other schools come in lately for in-home visits?

Jarrett- "Ohio State came in, and that's about it, because I already told everyone else that I wasn't going to their school. It's really just USC and Ohio State. That meeting went good. They told me how much they need a receiver to come in there and play and everything."

WeAreSC- Do you have a leader out of those two?

Jarrett- "No, I'm just really thinking hard about those two. I don't really have a leader. I've still got a little more thinking to do."

WeAreSC- There have been some rumors that you're starting to look a little closer at the distance-from-home factor. Any truth to that?

Jarrett- "Not really. A little bit. It's not really a big factor. I'm going to be able to get back and forth no matter what."

WeAreSC- So where do you go from here?

Jarrett- "Right now, it's dieing down. I'm just getting all of my thoughts together and then I'll make my decision on Wednesday."

WeAreSC- Do you still have plans to announce on ESPN?

Jarrett- "Yeah, ESPN is supposed to come down, and Fox Sports is supposed to come down to my school. When I make my announcement, they'll be there."

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