Jarrett Talks About His Decision

The Trojans scored big on signing day when New Brunswick's (NJ) Dwayne Jarrett added his name to the list of Trojan commits for the class of 2004. One of the most sought after wide outs in the nation, the elite game breaker talks about his decision and what's up next.

WeAreSC- During that last week leading up to signing day, you had everyone waiting on pins and needles for your decision between USC and Ohio State. What made you decide to become a Trojan?

Jarrett- "I mean, I always liked SC. It was just hard for me because Ohio State, they're closer, so it's easy for them to have access to me and they were talking to me a lot. I had interest in them too, but deep down inside I really felt like SC was the best place for me, so I just went with my heart. I feel good about my decision and I can't wait to get out there."

WeAreSC- When did you let the coaches know?

Jarrett- "I called the coaches, some of them already knew that I was going to go there. I called the Ohio State coaches the day before and told them that I thought that the place for me was SC, and I thanked them for everything. It was a slow process, but I let them know little by little. I told Coach Kiffin on my home visit. I talked to Coach Carroll and told him that I didn't want to play for anybody else. They could be in Arkansas and I'd still want to play for them. After that, I felt strong about them but then I was like, ‘Wait for a little bit,' because Ohio State came in and I liked the coaching staff and everything. I really like Coach Carroll a lot and I like Coach Kiffin a lot, and the whole coaching staff. That's what I based my decision on."

WeAreSC- Talk about the role that Coach Kiffin played in your decision to come to USC.

Jarrett- "Coach Kiffin, he played a big role. I think he's a great guy and a great coach. The reason I felt real comfortable with him is because he came all the way out here to recruit me, and plus, I thought I could trust him because he's going to be my position coach."

WeAreSC- You've mentioned before that you kept in contact with Mike Williams and some of the other Trojan players throughout the process. Talk about what kind of role they played, and have you had a chance to talk to them since you announced?

Jarrett- "I didn't get a chance to talk to Mike yet, but I spoke to my boy Will Poole. He's from out here. Him and Mike, they're the best recruiters. When I'd call up Coach Kiffin, I'd speak to them on the phone and they gave me advice, and how to think through everything, and they said they thought SC was the best place for me because of the offense they run and that they have fun doing it. We've got the #1 recruiting class in the nation coming in, so it should be fun."

WeAreSC- You mentioned before that you grew up a Trojan fan and that you always wanted to come out to L.A. How does it feel to know that you're going to be playing for USC and living in Los Angeles?

Jarrett- "Its great. Like I said, when I was growing up, USC, they were my favorite team, and when I found out I had a chance to go there, I was like ‘Wow.' But I could never picture myself going there, but when everything happened, and they came out to recruit me, I was like ‘Wow, yeah, that's where I want to go.' Then when I went there for my visit, I wanted to go out there even more. I mean, its Hollywood, so it can't get any better than that. The publicity right there, and they're the number one football team in the nation, so those are pluses."

WeAreSC- What are your plans now?

Jarrett- "After basketball, I'm pretty much just going to be training the whole time. They're going to send me a packet about what to work out on until I get there. Actually, I might be coming up there in the spring time, because I have spring break, and I told Coach I might come out there, so that would be cool. I'm pretty much just going to be working out and keeping up my grades. I'm coming out there as soon as I get out of school. That should be like the 18th or 20th of June. As soon as possible so I can start working out, get the feel of the guys, get the tempo of the game and everything. So when August rolls around, I'll be ready."

WeAreSC- Have you had a chance to speak to any of the other Trojan signees?

Jarrett- "I spoke to Keith (Rivers) last night. Me and Keith are real good buddies. We're both excited. We were just saying that we wish we could just leave high school now and come out there and start working out and get ready for spring ball, but we've got to do what we've got to do, finish up here. Me and Keith, Freddy, all of them, when we were at the All-American game, we all hung out together. I pretty much know everybody that's coming in this year in the recruiting class. When we were down there, we all talked about coming there, and how we could be the best team, and the best recruiting class."

WeAreSC- Do you have any goals for when you get to USC?

"Yeah, First, that we make it to the National Championship and win, officially this year, and just to come in and contribute as much as I can, and hopefully I get honors like Freshman All-American and stuff like that."

WeAreSC- Do you know what number you're going to wear at USC?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I'm wearing #9."

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