Manuel Wright update

Manuel Wright will look at two Pac 10 schools as well as all 3 schools from the Sunshine State. Click below for a full recap.

Long Beach Poly's Manuel Wright (6'7, 315 lbs) is a tremendous force from his defensive tackle spot. To get an idea of his great presence on the field, one only needs to watch the Jackrabbit's game against De La Salle from earlier in the year. In that contest, De La Salle respected Wright's talent so much that they refused to run at him the entire game. This is something that the blue chip lineman has had to get used to this year as teams have repeatedly avoided him. Despite this, Wright has continued to wreak havoc on opposing offenses and he still puts up big numbers. In Poly's 46-20 victory over Long Beach Jordan last week, he had 7 tackles, 3 sacks, and 2 deflected passes.

As far as choosing a college to attend, Wright stated that "playing time" and each University's Communications program would play key parts in his decision. "Miami, Florida State, SC, Washington, and the Florida Gators" are the schools Wright is looking closest at right now. He also explained that he has a new leader out of that group in the Miami Hurricanes. What makes Miami stick out? He answered that as he explained "I like the kind of football they're playing right now. I like that they have a chance to win the national championship. That's something I want to be a part of." Wright also stated that he has family in Daytona Beach, so that would ease the move to the Sunshine State if he chooses to attend one of the three Florida schools.

The Trojans are by no means out of this one and Wright explained that he hears from USC and Coach Ed Orgeron more than anyone else. On the topic of the highly animated Trojan coach that is recruiting him, Wright remarked "he's a funny character."

The big lineman has been a regular at USC games this year and he was at last weekend's victory over Oregon State. Unfortunately, he had to leave at the end of the third quarter because of previous plans so he didn't get to see the dramatic ending. He noted that he will be at the USC-UCLA game in two weeks at the Coliseum.

Wright also explained that he plans on taking all of his visits before he commits anywhere but he isn't in any hurry to schedule those trips, "I'm going to wait until the end of the season to start making plans."

Manuel Wright and Long Beach Poly take on Long Beach Millikan this week. Top Stories