Williams to consider NFL draft

Trojan wide receiver Mike Williams is considering entering the NFL draft after a recent ruling allowing underclass players to enter the league. As of Friday afternoon Williams claims that there is nothing final "I haven't made my decision yet" and he will meet this weekend with his parents and the USC coaches to discuss the scenario:

The serious rumors about Williams began to surface in the middle of this week and continued through until today when the story started to break. As far as I know there has been no final announcement and I'd be surprised if there was one before Mike sits down with his parents to discuss the situation. At first we were told Mike would be flying to Florida but now it appears as if they will be out here in Los Angeles this weekend for the all-important meeting. The news for Trojan fans doesn't look good, there are a lot of indications that point in the direction of him leaving, but maybe the parents can convince him to stay for one more year. He's as good a player as I've ever seen in a Trojan uniform and I would certainly prefer to watch him playing for USC next fall.

Darrell Rideaux spoke with Williams this afternoon and shared parts of that conversation on the Trojan Confidential radio show tonight:

"I'm not prepared for it (the news about him considering the draft) to be out. I never said I was leaving. I don't know where that is coming from. My family is in town and we will talk about it but I haven't made my decision yet."

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