Carroll comments on Williams situation

Pete Carroll gave his thoughts on the Mike Williams situation during an interview this morning on the James Brown show on 1540theticket radio. Click below for a transcript of the interview:

"He is an extremely talented young man and he is a young man at that. He's 20 years old now and he's just getting going in his college career even though he's done a lot of great things, he's done about as much as he could do at this point in his career. Mike is faced with a situation because of the court rulings that he does have the eligibility to enter this draft right now if the ruling stays as it is. It's unique, it's a one time opportunity and Mike is faced with it. It's a very difficult decision for a young guy to put in perspective and weigh all the options. There's a lot of information here and we loaded a lot of stuff on Mike and his family this weekend so they could be sure to know all ends of this thing. I don't know if it's a difficult decision, it depends on the individual, but it is complex when you try to figure out where you might go in the draft this year compared to next year or the year after that.

There's a tremendous amount of information that says if you stay it helps you. When it comes down to this NFL thing and you start trying to find out what your value is then it can get tricky. Mike has strong value right now but his value next year and the year after that would be extraordinary. One of the criteria a lot of NFL people talked about was being the best player at your position. If that is clear cut then there really is an opportunity to come out but when you dont know that or if it isnt clear then you dont know where you might end up. There's a lot of questions to it and we've tried to help Mike out as much as possible.

If he were my child there would be no hesitation, he'd never come out now. There's a number of different reasons for that. If you want to look at the raw football part of things this is an extremely strong draft with receivers. There's guys who are tall, big kids who have great speed. There are some real track stars in this draft. This process is thorough for the NFL, they've done a lot of research and they know who they want, it's kind of already figured out. The problem with someone coming out late like Mike is the evaluation process is not as complete as it would be for a guy who was anticipated to come out. The NFL is very hesitant to make rash decisions, they dont want to make mistakes and that's one of the biggest things in the league. They dont want to make a mistake so they want to secure their risk. If a guy comes in late he's just not going to fare as well when they measure up all the information. That's across the board when you talk to the guys in the NFL. They all would suggest, 100% of the guys, that in no way would it be in his best interest to come out right now. We give him that information and he has to figure it out but there still is the lure. These kids all grew up dreaming of playing in the NFL, I did too, and sometimes it's hard to want to postpone that. In this situation we advised very strongly that the best thing would be to come back and help his team be the best team it could be and try to separate himself from the rest of the crowd. Mike is very capable of coming out as the best player in America next year and he would certainly have a shot to be the best receiver in the country, it would be that way hands down going into the season and he could prove that because he's such a great competitor.

As far as when he might make a decision, he's working on it. It could've come any day over the weekend or in the next couple days but really the last thing we want to do is rush to judgement on this one. It's going to be a long term decision for Mike and we want to make sure he's taking his time. His family is very supportive about being patient with that and he is too. It was a pretty hairy pace at the end of last week and he's calmed down now and is ready to make a good solid choice here in the next few days." Top Stories