March 8th Chat Transcript

Click below for a transcript from the premium chat room held on Monday, March 8th:

George Young SC:: Garry, can you share any impressions of the three new coaches?
GarryP:: Carl smith seemed very energetic. He was running around the field a lot, especially after the practice when he was working with the quarterbacks on some extra pass patterns with the receivers. McNair seemed fairly quiet on the first day but I'll try to get more of a sense of him later this week. Norton was vocal but it was mostly encouragement stuff rather than any technique specific stuff right now. It's clear he is still adjusting to being out there. The linebacker group looked really solid out there (compared to what we saw at times last fall). I cant wait until we add Rivers and Powdrell to the mix.

USC1MBA:: Garry are the practices open or do we need a special invitation?
GarryP:: They are saying practices are closed unless you have your name put on the pass list by someone in Heritage Hall.
USC1MBA:: Thanks - I appreciated the wearesc practice invite from last year.

toner 1:: when will we hear a final decision on Justice's fate?
sweat:: GP, can you break down this Justice situation and tell us what it is really going to mean as far as the season is concerned, or is what we know now all we really know?
GarryP:: I dont know toner and I dont think the coaches know. I thought it was interesting to hear Carroll basically say "this is a jam he's gotten himself into and we'll need to wait and see what happens". Normally Carroll would put the most positive spin possible but in this case he doesnt know yet what is going to happen.

texan4SC:: GarryP....any update on the recruiting DVD??
GarryP:: We're hoping to get the last three guys (Jarrett, Jones, Thompson) this week for the DVD

BSALKA:: Gary ...what was the overall mood of practice?? Is it upbeat??
GarryP:: Practice was very upbeat. I think the players and coaches were happy to get back on the field after so much going on this off season.

CHASEinNYC:: toner, you think Bibby is coming back next season?
toner 1:: Chase, personally, I hope not. But if I had to guess I think he'll be back
CHASEinNYC:: Pooh, your Bruin butt boy Bibby is killing me
TroyP:: Actually, I think we have a shot....we've played well in the pac-10 touney the last 2 yrs. We've just run out of gas in the final.

toner 1:: Justin King sounds like a great recruit.

TroyP:: Garry, what time will practice be on Tuesday?
GarryP:: 3:30pm

sweat:: best news other than the physical condition of Manny and Whitney is the development of Eazy Eric Wright
GarryP:: I was most pleased to see the performance by the receivers. they really looked good. The Wrights were big time as well, Eric and Manuel.
toner 1:: agree on Wright. also think Thomas will be good
TroyP:: I thought that Eric Wright looked pretty awesome in the pics posted by eetrojan. He looks very athletic and I hear he has a sick vertical leap.
GarryP:: Eric Wright was very good in the passing drills, his cover skills are impressive. We didnt really get to see him this fall so this was our first extended look at him.
sweat:: being a san francisco guy, I followed E Wright thrugh High school and knew he would come on strong, if he recovered from the nagging injuries
jefftrojantheft:: sweat, I live in Oaklnad and followed his senior year. Easy will be the man.

wstripes:: Is Davis a legit 6'4"
GarryP:: He's right there stripes. I'll talk to the coaches to see where they measured him at but he's a pretty tall guy.
wstripes:: thanks...he looked a lot taller than Lewis in those pictures

USC1MBA:: How is byrdman doing - is he getting on the field yet?
GarryP:: Dom was running around catching practices after practice and he looked very good. Get him some rest in the off season and he will be ready to go for fall.
eetrojan:: After practice, Williams and Byrd were working out together, tossing the ball to one another on routes.
toner 1:: great news on Dom. Garry, who do you think would start at TE if both Alex and Dom are healthy?
GarryP:: I dont know toner. I know Chow was talking last week about how excited he is about the three top TE's (Holmes, Byrd, Guenther) and what he can do with that trio.
SC POOH BAH:: We'll need another TE to get into the mix this season....Guenther and Holmes will be gone after that
GarryP:: Pooh - at the very least we will see Thompson at TE this fall among the freshmen. Dale was at practice on Saturday and he was looking around 225-230 pounds.
wstripes:: I think Stuart will turn into a TE
GarryP:: Stuart will come in at wide receiver but there has been talk about using him as a mobile tight end who could go in motion a lot (Vik Rakhshani)
SC POOH BAH:: Great...I think I'm more worried about TE than CB
toner 1:: I have been very impressed on what I've seen in regards to stuart. I think we got a good one.
GarryP:: Jimmy Miller was at practice as well and he said Michael is planning to be at receiver next year and that is what the coaches are telling him.

jefftrojantheft:: eetrojan, those pictures made me feel like I was at practice. Thanks
mch7p:: Ditto, thanks eetrojan, the photos were great.
eetrojan:: You're welcome. I had fun taking the photos!
RLott42:: whats up ee
RLott42:: nice pics

SouthOC4SC:: Garry - Any news on how soon John Drake will be ready to go?
GarryP:: No, Drake is still hoping to be ready by fall but it's not a done deal yet.

toner 1:: Garry is Groots 100% physically?
RLott42:: He looked 100% at practice on Sat
toner 1:: great
GarryP:: Probably not 100% but it was enough to see Groots out there on the field. Once he gets back in the flow he will be fine because he says he's healthy.

jefftrojantheft:: anyone see the pictures of Manny Wright, he looks like he lost a human being, he is going to kick ass!!!
RLott42:: From his mouth, Manny is down to 280

SC POOH BAH:: Garry...Did you get a feel for the coaches backup plan regarding Hancock possibly not making it back next
wstripes:: last year there was talk of thomas williams moving to fb...maybe
GarryP:: Pooh - the coaches have talked in recent months about the possibilities of either Lua or Williams moving to TE because of the uncertain health of Hancock.

eetrojan:: Garry, is Ashton White still a possibility as a walk-on?
GarryP:: As far as I know the possibility of White is still good on our end but Ashton needs to take care of all the paperwork on his end. I havent heard any updates lately .

Pookela:: Gp...what time is practice tomorrow and the rest of the week?
GarryP:: 3:30 practices this week

RJGIL:: How did C.Barrett and T.Thomas look and are they both healthy.
GarryP:: Barrett and Thomas both went through practice

sweat:: GP, whats the story on Jonathan Turner? is he out for good. He could have been a great FB. Also, is Mike ROss gone for good?
toner 1:: man, does Turner really weigh 270?
GarryP:: His HS coach says Turner will be here in the fall but I havent confirmed that on this end. He says Turner is at 270
sweat:: reading turner's high school bio, it felt like I was reading about Chris Claibore. 150 tackles and 1700 yrds rushing his senior year
GarryP:: Mike Ross will either take a medical redshirt or transfer
toner 1:: what position would Turner play? Seems like he's too big for FB
sweat:: toner, was he always 270? He was listed at 245
GarryP:: I think Turner could be an interesting player. He's got great footwork from his boxing days and he was a pretty good runner when I saw him play. My guess is he would end up on the DL
toner 1:: Sweat, I think 245 was about right. Sounds like he's headed for the DL
GarryP:: Turner was 240 as a senior in high school.
sweat:: Turner sounds like he has the makings of a great arena league player (Nose Guard/Fullback)

SC POOH BAH:: Garry...the next question would be Lua's you have a feel for a return he still scheduled for the fall
GarryP:: Pooh - Lua practiced on Saturday at LB

texan4SC:: did Lawrence Jackson look for the 1st day..
GarryP:: Jackson looked great. I think he could start to make an impact this year.
RLott42:: Between Lawrence, Manny, Frostee, Van, Cody and Patterson...what are the coaches gonna do?
wstripes:: Do you think Barrett will play this year?
RLott42:: not to mention Big Sed Ellis
GarryP:: yes I think Barrett will play this year. I'm not sold on Van Brown as an everydown player and I think we could see both Jackson and Barrett in the mix at the DE spots.
wstripes:: and schweiger
GarryP:: stripes - I also think Schweiger could end up being a 4th guy in that rotation. Jeff is coming in with such solid size that he can handle it physically as a true freshman.
jefftrojantheft:: I thought Schweiger looked great in HS, I went to a couple of games
RJGIL:: GP, Do you think M.Wright could be making the move to DE.
RLott42:: Garry, Manny staying at DT?
toner 1:: RJGIL, I was thinking the same thing
GarryP:: RJGIL - that's an interesting question for the coaches and one that has been discussed. Manny sure looked good on Saturday and I wouldnt put it past these coaches to move him to DE just to get him on the field. He's good but he's not going to displace Shaun Cody or Mike Patterson.
jefftrojantheft:: You guys always forget about Lajaun Ramsey, I think he is a solid player that will contribute on the Dline DE/DT this year.
RLott42:: Lajuan and Frostee looked great on Sat
sweat:: Maybe they will move Manny out to replace BKU, making him BMW... wait, did I day "BMW"?

toner 1:: How does Watkins look. Is he possibly a starter?
GarryP:: Probably not on Watkins. Travis is a solid player who could do the job if needed but my guess is we'll see someone else as the starter at LG by the time fall camp rolls around.

SC POOH BAH:: Garry...GarryP:: Probably on Morrow. He's really improved his upper body strength but there are others ahead of him on the depth chart this year and it would take a lot to overtake them.
toner 1:: any guesses on who our first commitment will be?
SC POOH BAH:: Luther Brown
jefftrojantheft:: First Committment from the kicker from Orange Lutheran
RLott42:: is that the wrod or truth?
RLott42:: word
jefftrojantheft:: or the LBer from Eureaka
GarryP:: We like Van Blarcom a lot. He got plenty of attention from the coaches after the practice.
RLott42:: Ray from Eureka
toner 1:: jeff, that would be a good choice. We obviously need a kicker in this class
GarryP:: Rey
RLott42:: you think so, Garry?
toner 1:: Rey sounds like a monster
GarryP:: that's what his coach told me
jefftrojantheft:: The kid from Eureka , my guess, silent verbal
wstripes:: it seems like we are doing a lot of out of state recruiting this year
GarryP:: At the Nike Combine Rey asked for directions to the USC bookstore because he wanted to pick up a sweatshirt. I took that as a good sign for our chances.
jefftrojantheft:: Rey is probably killing the competition in eureka

RJGIL:: GP, Do you think M.Casell and B.Hart will come back to the team or just stick to Baseball.
GarryP:: I think both players will return and play football in the fall.

toner 1:: I'm expecting big things from S.Smith
GarryP:: Steve Smith was outstanding. I think he's further along than Keary Colbert was at this point in his Trojan career.

RJGIL:: When is B.Hancock going to know the results of his knee....
GarryP:: Surgery is on the 16th for Brandon
toner 1:: sure hope Hancock can get healthy

toner 1:: Garry, who besides Carlson will get a look as a punt returner?
sweat:: hopefully scott ware will toner
sweat:: in the fall, that is
GarryP:: Wyatt, Lewis, Wright, Reed are among the others who will get a look
GarryP:: It was killing Ware to be on the sidelines on Saturday. He was dying to be out there.
SC55:: Wasn't Whitney a very good PR/KR in HS?
jefftrojantheft:: Jarrett can do punt return also, I hope Wyatt, Reed get some work in. But I like Carlson back there because he can do the main thing
Wyred1:: what happend to wares grades. I thought he was like a 4.0 hs student
RLott42:: Bush might get the nod at Punt Return
eetrojan:: Darnell Bing was returning some punts in practice.
GarryP:: yes, Whitney was terrific on special teams.
RLott42:: so was Fred Davis
RLott42:: and Hershell
RLott42:: i thought
toner 1:: I'd be afraid to use Bush on punt returns. He's too valuable to risk there, IMO
Wyred1:: easy to get injured on special teams
jefftrojantheft:: Bush will be on punt returns if we want to try and get a big return.
toner 1:: I have a hard time believing Carlson is the only guy who can field punts.
RLott42:: i agree with all
PDH3787:: I would put Bush on PR, he has the chance to break one everytime he gets the ball... Guys like Charles Woodson returned punts, why cant Reggie?
GarryP:: I'm with you toner. that's why I dont think Bush will end up returning punts.
sweat:: toner, I understand your point, but I always think it is better to have your best players on the field whenever you can. I mean, if this were the pros, SC would have a guy on the team who specialized in returning punts. In college you cant do that. THink of the rocket, tim brown, charles woodson, they all returned punts and it helped them to win the heisman.
jefftrojantheft:: I think Carlson is the only one who can do it consitantly
Wyred1:: Dave pryor said carlson was great at WR. Is this true?
toner 1:: I like Reggie as a kickoff returner, but would be skeptical using him as a PR
SC55:: I would think Wyatt would be dangerous on PR?
scfan4life:: wyatt seems like he could be very good in that regard
toner 1:: Wyatt does have some problems with his hands
PDH3787:: Carlson wont drop the ball, but when you are the number one team in the nation not dropping the ball isnt good enough Special Teams
toner 1:: Wyatt has been tried there before
SC55:: Don't need fumbles on PR!
scfan4life:: im sure there is someone that has explosveness that can also cath the ball
GarryP:: Carlson has great hands and he could be a solid option as a slot receiver if given the chance.

SC POOH BAH:: Garry...don't we have a pretty good size lead for the lineman from Mission Viejo
RLott42:: I think the Mission Viejo Head Coach was at practice on Sat
GarryP:: Bemoll likes us but it remains to be seen if we will offer. That was the Mission Viejo DC, not the head coach. Top Stories