Spring Ball Day 2

It was a day for offensive firepower as the Trojan offense looked superb during the scrimmage drills to end the practice. Matt Leinart called the performance "domination" and even Norm Chow raised his eyebrows as he came off the field and commented about how good the offense looked considering it was only the second day of spring ball.

Leinart looked very crisp while showing a lot of zip on his balls. Among his favorite receivers on the day were Alex Holmes and Will Buchanan while Hershel Dennis was the running star of the practice.

In the early drills there was some good activity among the linemen. Van Brown and Travis Tofi got the starts at DE while LaJuan Ramsey and Lawrence Jackson are the back-ups. On the offensive side Matt Spanos is the back-up to Williams at RT while Travis Draper is behind Fred Matua at RG with Ross Burruel the reserve at center. Alatini Malu showed good footwork in a pass drill against Manuel Wright while Drew Radovich, who is now at 297 pounds, continues to look good as well.

Lofa Tatupu had a knocked down pass at the line and Marco Chavez did a nice job of filling the hole on a couple running plays. Sedrick Ellis (photo at right) tossed aside Burruel for a tackle for loss and Ryan Ting did an excellent job of reading a screen pass to Jody Adewale to stop a play for no gain. John David Booty read a blitz and hit Desmond Reed in stride out of the backfield for a long gain. Reed has some serious quickness.

It was during the final drill that the offense caught fire and went on a roll. Leinart got it started when he rolled out and was very patient before firing a strike to Steve Smith for 20 yards. Matt then hit Holmes along the sideline and Justin Wyatt simply bounced off as Alex rambled for more yardage. It's been a long time since we've seen a defender bounce off Alex and it was good to see again.

Leinart then came right back to Holmes despite double coverage from Dallas Sartz and Matt Grootegoed, the pass was perfect for a 15 yard completion. The coverage couldn't have been much better but Leinart was simply in a zone. Hershel followed blocks from Ryan Kalil and Travis Watkins and zigzagged his way for a long run. Leinart then hit Buchanan along the sideline for 15 more yards.

A screen to Kirtman was read well by Tatupu for no gain but then Hershel caught a short pass and had a step on Tatupu in the open field, Hershel turned on the speed and ran away from Lofa for a 40 yard run. Leinart then rolled left with a lot of patience and hit Jason Mitchell for an 11 yard TD.

Booty came on and continued the fine offensive performance with an out pass to Buchanan, the ball was a little low but Will reached his long arms down to make the catch and ended up with a 27 yard gain. Booty hit Reed with a pass out of the backfield and Desmond showed some more quick moves. Lawrence Jackson beat Spanos for a sack on Booty. Mike Patterson got off the ball extremely quick to drop Dennis for a three yard loss.

Leinart came back in and immediately went to Holmes despite more good coverage from Sartz. The play went for 20 yards but there wasn't much more Dallas could've done on the coverage because he was all over Alex. Dennis followed that with a long run behind a good block from Matua, the run featured two cutbacks that drew cheers from the crowd watching on the sidelines. Reggie Bush got into the act when he turned up field to face Sartz, a quick move from Bush left Dallas grasping at air. One of the final plays was a strong throw from Leinart along the sidelines to Buchanan.

Among those in attendance were Thomas Herring, Jon Turner (who confirmed that he will be here for the fall), Jeremy Childs and Averell Spicer Click here for Spicer update following visit. Kirk Herbstreit was also at practice to do an ESPN feature on the Trojans. Needless to say, it's hard to imagine that Herbstreit will see a team that looked quicker and crisper on the 2nd day of spring than what he saw from the Trojans today.

Keary Colbert keeps a watchful eye on Chris McFoy and Fred Davis

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