Junior to watch: WR Jeremy Childs

Los Alamitos' Jeremy Childs is one of the top wide out prospects for the class of 2005. A visitor at a recent spring practice at USC, he talks about his favorites and where the Trojans stand at this early stage of his recruitment.

If you follow Southern California prep football, chances are that you've already heard quite a bit about Childs (6'1, 180). A tremendous athlete with great all-around skills as a receiver, he's been a household name since he was a sophomore when he burst onto the scene for the 2002 CIF Champion Griffins. As a junior this past season his impressive play continued as he caught 57 passes for 758 yards and 6 touchdowns before Los Al was defeated by Loyola in the semi-finals.

Despite the disappointing ending to their season, Childs is optimistic about next year's team, "We'll probably have a lot of two-way guys because we lost a lot of big stars on defense. Offensive wise, the main thing is that our quarterback (Jimmy Barnes) is coming back, and our two returning receivers, myself and Orlando Scandrick, and we've got our running back, Cortez Rice. He was injured for the first half of the season. And we've got some really good o-linemen. Our offensive group is really good." You can add Childs to that list of two-way players as he'll see some spot duty at safety for the first time.

In regards to recruiting, Childs doesn't have any offers at this early stage, but he's getting attention from a host of big time programs, "Mostly I've been hearing from UCLA, Colorado, SC a little bit, Oklahoma, and Oregon," he said. "My top 5 are probably UCLA, USC, Oklahoma, Cal, and Oregon."

When asked if anyone led at the moment, he noted that two stick out, "Probably UCLA and Oklahoma," he said. "Oklahoma, I like their passing game. I've watched them the last few years and they have good receivers and good quarterbacks. They have a real good quarterback, (Tommy) Grady. I'd love to play with him. UCLA, I want to go there because if I did good in all of the workouts and everything, I think that's where I could play the fastest."

The Trojans are still in the thick of this one according to Childs, and he was among those in attendance at a recent spring ball practice at USC, "Yeah, I was up there," he said. "Me and my buddy Orlando (Scandrick) were up there watching SC football practice. They have some good receivers there. We were there walking around and watching things. SC, it's like home and the coaches are really great. I like how they ran their practice, they're always moving."

"When I've gone to the camps I talked to the receiver coach and I talked to the D-Line coach, Coach Orgeron. They're excellent coaches. They're not just worried about football and stuff. They always talk about schoolwork and things like that."

When asked if an offer by the Trojans would have an impact, Childs explained that it could, but was quick to point out that he was planning on thoroughly evaluating each school before making any kind of decision, "Yeah, it would, but I would still wait to see who has the most to offer, like if they want me to play as a freshman, or redshirt. I want to get out there."

In addition to the schools that he's already receiving attention from, there's one other program a little farther from home that Childs hopes to hear from soon, "I still hope to get that Florida letter," he said. "I'm still waiting on that. That's always been my dream school. My cousin and my brother, when we were growing up, they liked Florida State and I just loved Florida."

In discussing the factors that he's going to look at in choosing a school, Childs already has an idea about what he's looking for, "Probably the graduation rates, the students, the education, and the area."

On the topic of distance from home, he admitted that it could be a factor, "Probably, but Probably not. I mean, I want to stay close to my mom, she's the only parent I have, so I probably want to stay close to her."

As for the rest of the off-season, Childs plans on taking in some more Trojan spring practices as well as some practice sessions at UCLA. Additionally, he'll be participating in some camps this summer, "I'll probably go to UCLA, USC, Oregon, and Oklahoma, If I get a chance. I might go up there with one of my friends," he said.

Childs, who was at the Nike Combine earlier this month at USC, also looks to attend some of the Nike Camps coming up, "Probably San Diego, but for sure the Stanford one," he said. "I'll probably go up there. I went there last year. That's where all the top college scouts are at, so you can show your talents there."

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