WR recruit has Trojan ties

Gavin Ketchum is a 6-4, 190 wide receiver/safety from Oak Park HS in Southern California (the same school that gave the Trojans Erik Affholter) and Gavin looks to be one of the top recruits in the area next season after catching 41 balls for 855 yards and 14 touchdowns as a junior. WeAreSC had a chance to talk with Gavin last night for the following interview:

When did you start playing football?

GK "When I was in seventh grade. I've been playing baseball and basketball for as long as I can remember and I played all three sports on the varsity level since I got here. This spring I'm not playing baseball though because I'm concentrating on working out for football.

What are your goals with those workouts?

GK "I'll be doing strength training and speed training. I'm basically looking to improve my reps in the 185 bench and also get my speed down. I havent been timed in a while so I don't know what my speed is but it's just something I want to work on. I'm not playing baseball this year because football is the sport I'm going to be playing in college so it's time to start getting ready for that."

Do you have a preference for which side of the ball you play on at the next level?

GK "Not really. I like defense just as much as I like offense so I don't have any preferences. I'm being recruited for both sides of the ball right now."

Tell us about some of the schools that are talking with you right now.

GK "USC, Cal and Tennessee are the main ones. I'm hearing from some other Pac-10 schools as well but I would say those top three are the schools I'm focusing on right now."

What do you like about each school?

GK "With USC, I've had uncles who went there and played sports (Bob Selleck played baseball, Dan Selleck played basketball and Tom Selleck played volleyball) and my brother graduated magna cum laude. I've got strong SC ties and I've always been a Trojan fan. I plan on going to the camp on April 24th but I'm not sure yet about the longer camp in summer. My uncles are trying to get me over to SC but they also tell me to go where it's best for me and to find a place that has a spot for me in their program. I also like Cal, I think that program would be good for me and I'm going to their full contact camp. I've always liked Tennessee's program as well."

Describe yourself as a player, both on offense and on defense.

GK "Mainly I'm a tall receiver, I guess you could call me a possession receiver. There was a guy at Westlake named Michael Stuart last year and I play a lot like him. On defense I'm more of a coverage safety. I like hitting, that's one of my favorite things about defense. Last year I played free safety but this year I'll be moving to strong safety."

What kind of team do you have coming back at Oak Park next year?

GK "Last year we had a great team, we went 12-2 and made it to the CIF finals (lost to Oaks Christian). We've got three starters backs on defense and a lot of guys ready to step up on offense so we should be pretty good again this year."

Are you looking to make an early decision or are you looking to go through the whole recruiting process?

GK "If I find a school early that fits me that I really like then I'll know it. Right now I don't have that feeling yet but I'm just starting the process so I'm not ruling anything out."

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