USC hopes to get Lucky

North Hollywood running back Marlon Lucky will be one of the top recruits in Southern California this year and he is strongly considering the Trojans. Click below for an interview with this talented recruit:

Marlon Lucky (6-0, 200) from North Hollywood High School is expected to be one of the top running back recruits in the nation this year. Last season he ran for 1,772 yards on 206 carries with 26 touchdowns and he also added 14 catches for 219 yards with a pair of scores to earn a variety of post-season honors.

Did you grow up in Southern California?

ML "For the past five years I've lived in Southern California but I'm originally from Dallas."

How long have you been playing football?

ML "About 13 years. I started off as a quarterback then moved to tight end and now finally I'm a running back. I love the sport, especially the contact."

Who are some of your football role models, do you copy your game after anybody?

ML "I would say Barry Sanders and Marcus Allen."

Do you play other sports?

ML "Basketball and track."

For those who haven't seen you in action, describe yourself as a running back.

ML "I can read holes good, I can cut real well, I can just about do anything. My hands are real good too, I think that's a strength of my game. If I need to improve anything it would be my blocking."

What is your speed?

ML "I run a 4.4 40, I'm fast enough."

How is the North Hollywood team looking for next year?

ML "Well, our weakness is the line because our whole line left last year so we're looking for some guys to fill those spots. Our skill guys are back so we should be ok there."

What are your goals for the season?

ML "My goal is to reach 2,000 yards. That's the number I've set for myself."

Do you have someone who will be advising you throughout the recruiting process?

ML "Yes, my coach and my guardian. We're just starting the process right now and we'll see what happens. I'm just going to take a look and see who is recruiting me the hardest and where it makes the most sense for me to go."

Talk about the schools you are looking at right now.

ML "USC, Arizona, LSU, Tennessee. I like the tradition at SC, there are a lot of running backs that come out of there. The whole program is good, the coaches, I like everything about SC. It's close to home but it's not really a factor for me to stay or leave. Arizona, they are recruiting me a lot but, I don't know, that's in the heat. It's really hot down there. I got a lot of family that live around LSU so I'm taking a look at them as well. With Tennessee, they were my first favorite team when I was a kid and I would follow them on TV. I didn't really know too much about USC until I moved out to LA and started going to games, going to the campus, checking things out."

What are your thoughts on Pete Carroll and the program right now?

ML "He's got a good thing going on right now. He's building his team for next year and I can't wait to see how they look."

Are you planning to attend any camps this year?

ML "I'm definitely going to USC's summer camp and probably either LSU or Tennessee." Top Stories