Muauluga has interest in Trojans

One of the top recruits on the west coast is expected to be linebacker Rey Muauluga from Eureka (CA) and the Trojans are one of the teams in his current top two. Click below for an interview with Rey:

Muauluga (6-2, 241) had 146 tackles last season (110 unassisted) with 43 tackles for loss

Describe yourself as a linebacker.

RM "Nice size. Very quick. Never quit until the whistle has blown. Pursuit to the football. I can read good."

Who taught you to play?

ML "I would give all that to Coach Mack (Jon Mack at St. Bonaventure HS). I went to St. Bonaventure as a freshman and they just have a great program. For them, football season is never over. As soon as the season is over you hit the weight room, you run after school, train and all that. I had never played until I lived in Oxnard and Coach Mack was the one who taught me all the fundamentals of the game. Every summer I go down there and we train. I stay with his family when I'm down there, they are like my second set of parents."

Where did you grow up?

RM "Mostly in Hawaii. We moved here for my father's bible studies. I was born in Oklahoma and then moved to Hawaii. After that we moved to Oxnard and then we moved to Eureka two years ago when my dad became a pastor."

How has the transition been from Southern California to Northern California?

RM "At first I was going to stay in Oxnard and keep going to St. Bonaventure but then my family decided they wanted me to be up here. Life is good up here, it's peaceful."

You're beginning the recruiting process right now, are there any schools that are at the top of your list at this point?

RM "Yes, USC and Oklahoma. Those are my top two. With USC the coaching staff is like the best coaching staff ever, at least that I've ever met. Some people say they don't like the area but I like the surroundings. I like the school, I like their style of football. Everything there is great. Oklahoma is where I was born when my dad was in the army and that was his favorite school. I grew up watching them and most of their linebacking group ends up going pro. Coach Stoops, he's one of the best coaches."

Speaking of USC, there is word that you are a cousin of Junior Seau.

RM "No (laughing), that rumor has been around for a while when I was at St Bonaventure but it's not true. We've met but we're not related."

Have you been offered by your favorites?"

RM "No, I'm still waiting for my first offer."

Are you going to be attending any camps this summer?

RM "I'm definitely going to the Nike Camp at Stanford and I might go to the one in San Diego as well. I'm hoping to attend the Junior Day at USC on March 28th." Top Stories