Trojan Huddle scrimmage review

The Trojans held their annual Trojan Huddle spring game today at the Coliseum and it featured a solid performance from the offense as Matt Leinart threw touchdown passes to Steve Smith and Whitney Lewis while LenDale White and Hershel Dennis added scores on the ground. Click below for a recap:

The Trojans held their annual Trojan Huddle spring game today at the Coliseum and it featured a solid performance from the offense as Matt Leinart threw touchdown passes to Steve Smith and Whitney Lewis while LenDale White and Hershel Dennis added scores on the ground.


1st team offense: Leinart, Dennis, Webb, Smith, Lewis, Holmes, Baker, Watkins, Kalil, Matua, Williams


1st team defense: Cody, Wright, Patterson, Tofi, Sartz, Tatupu, Grootegoed, Nunn, Wyatt, Leach, Bing


2nd team offense: Booty, White, Kirtman, McFoy, Buchanan, Vanderboom, Spanos, Malu, Burruel, Draper, Radovich


2nd team defense: Morrow, Watson, Ellis, Jackson, Williams, Chavez, Ashton, Walker, Thomas, Farr, B Ting


The first team offense went against the first team defense to open the day.  A short Hershel Dennis run was stopped by Thomas Williams (who was in for Dallas Sartz on the opening play).  Matt Leinart completed his first pass of the day, a short one to Reggie Bush who gained 7 yards before being tackled by Jason Leach.  Travis Tofi got good pressure and forced Leinart to throw an incomplete pass.


LenDale White got things started on the opening series for the 2nd team with a one yard run and a tackle by Lawrence Jackson.  White came right back with the first big play of the scrimmage, a 27 yard dash to down the left sideline before he was stopped by Terrell Thomas.  Dennis ran the ball and was tackled by Collin Ashton and Alex Morrow.  Bush gained two yards before an Ashton tackle.  John David Booty had a pass attempt batted down by Alex Morrow. 


Leinart had a nice pocket courtesy of his offensive line and he calmly stepped up and fired a strike to Steve Smith for 20 yards before a tackle by Darnell Bing.  White ran hard behind Travis Watkins and broke a tackle before gaining eight yards, tackle by Justin Wyatt.  Hershel had a dazzling run up the middle following a nice block by David Kirtman for 39 yards before Wyatt knocked him out of bounds inside the five.  Bush tried to get outside but Wyatt did a good job to string the play out, with help from Bing, and there was no gain.  White carried the ball and was stopped for no gain by Mike Patterson and Tofi.  Leinart threw the ball away under pressure from Sartz.  Ryan Killeen came on for a 22 yard field goal attempt that was wide right. 


Booty fumbled a snap on the opening play.  Dennis ran the ball for two yards with a stop by Greg Farr.  Booty patiently waited for the screen to Bush to develop and Reggie made some nice cuts for a 13 yard gain.  LenDale had another powerful run when he broke a tackle attempt by Ashton before rambling 20 yards with a tackle by Brandon Ting.  Reggie tried a running play but he was corralled by Jackson for no gain.  Booty had a pass that was almost picked by Thomas.  Booty hit Whitney Lewis with a pass for 10 yards before a tackle by Thomas and then John David threw a real nice ball to Smith for eight yards.  A Bush run got no gain and then Jackson sacked Booty to force a 46 yard field goal from Killeen which was good. 


Leinart was under pressure from Matt Grootegoed and threw the ball away.  Leinart dropped back and hit Alex Holmes over the middle for 25 yards before a tackle by Bing.  Leinart threw a short pass to Bush with Watkins out front but Travis missed the block on Groots and Matt stopped the play for three yards when it could have been a big gain.  White went up the middle for eight yards with a tackle from Leach.  Two incomplete passes in a row from Leinart forced a 43 yard field goal attempt from Mario Danelo which was good after it hit the crossbar and bounced over.


Desmond Reed carried for a short two yard gain.  Mike McDonald completed a three yard pass to Lewis with a tackle from Ryan Ting.  McDonald went right back to Whitney who made a tough catch in traffic for seven yards.  Andre Woodert ran the ball for no gain.  McDonald completed another pass to Lewis for six yards with a tackle from Eric Wright.  McDonald threw an incomplete pass to Smith.


The series got started slowly with a pair of incompletions from Leinart but then on 3rd down he dropped back and saw good coverage so he scrambled for the first down.  On the next play Matt hit William Buchanan who made a nice catch for a 24 yard gain and then he hit Smith with a 19 yard touchdown pass.


Booty hit Dennis with a pass that went for 13 yards before a sure tackle from Thomas.  Booty threw the ball away after pressure from Groots.  Morrow and Ellis had sacks on back to back plays.  Booty threw a hail mary pass and it was knocked down by Bing.


Booty came out firing on his next series and hit Lewis with a 45 yard completion and a tackle by Thomas.  John David tried to hit Greig Carlson with a pass in the end zone, it was complete but Greig was ruled out of bounds.  Booty fired a hard pass with Lewis showing his strong hands and it went for 15 yards down to the two.  White pounded it in for the short touchdown run.


A Dennis run went for 13 yards and White followed that up with a 13 yard run of his own.  LenDale then had an impressive run that went for 21 yards before Leinart hit Holmes with a short pass.  A Leinart pass was almost picked by Ashton.  Leinart completed a pass to Lewis for 21 yards and then Matt went right back to Whitney for a 13 yard touchdown.


Leinart 10-20, 145 yards, two touchdowns

Booty 8-14, 115 yards

Dennis 10 carries, 91 yards, one touchdown

White 11 carries, 96 yards, one touchdown

Lewis 7 catches, 122 yards, one touchdown

Smith 3 catches, 50 yards, one touchdown

Jackson 8 tackles, two sacks

Wyatt six tackles

Tofi two sacks

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