Spring Ball Day 11

As the Trojans begin the final week of spring ball they held a crisp practice today with a lot of passing the ball.

As the Trojans begin the final week of spring ball they held a crisp practice today with a lot of passing the ball.

Greig Carlson entered the field with a boot on his right ankle after suffering a high ankle sprain last Saturday. He will miss the remainder of spring ball and is not expected to return for four weeks.

Those who were at the huddle saw the performances from Steve Smith and Whitney Lewis as they are well on their way to solidifying the starting roles. Today we also saw solid efforts from Chris McFoy and William Buchanan as those two battle for the remaining spots in the rotation. McFoy had a touchdown in an early passing drill when he caught a pass in the corner of the end zone from John David Booty with Terrell Thomas in coverage. Each of the other quarterbacks threw a TD in that drill as Hance and Leinart both completed their passes to Alex Holmes. The best play of the drill came from the defense when Oscar Lua went flying through the air to knock down a pass. It's amazing to see someone making an athletic play like that so soon after knee surgery but it's an indication of just how far Oscar has come in a short time with the help of the SC trainers and S&C staff.

In the scrimmage drill to end the day we saw Matt Leinart get hot and spread the ball around, primarily between Smith and Lewis, on his first series of plays. Booty came in and had a rough time of it as he got picked on back to back plays. Travis Tofi had dropped back in zone coverage and Booty didnt see him before the ball left his hand, Travis came down with the pick and tried to run around a little looking for a running lane but Desmond Reed came over to strip the ball with Tofi quickly falling on it. John David then tried to hit McFoy along the sideline but Eric Wright went up extremely high to make the pick and return it for a long gain.

Leinart came back in and had a good play on a screen pass to LenDale with Travis Watkins leading the way. Matt then sidestepped to avoid a sack from Alex Morrow and hit Holmes for a short gain. Leinart completed a pass to Smith despite excellent coverage from Groots. Bing came out and sat the rest of the practice with ice on his quad, he said he is fine. Leinart sailed a pass over the head of Smith and Leach made the intereception. One of the final plays of the day it was a short completion to Reed who turned it into a good gain with some nice moves in the open field.

There was good news as well with the fact that three Trojans (Matt Leinart, Shaun Cody and Tom Malone) have been selected to the Playboy pre-season All-American team for next season.

Among those in attendance were Thomas Herring, Chilo Rachal, Eugene Germany, WR/DB recruit Will Harris, QB recruit Will Fidler (a junior to be from Henderson, KY who also came to an SC spring practice last year) and several players from Los Alamitos, Charter Oak and Roosevelt.

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