Meet the Managers

They say that behind every man there is a man who makes the man "the man". We here at take an in-depth look at the men and women behind the team: the Few, the Proud, the 2003 USC football student managers.

To those who have been able to observe Trojan practices, the managers can be seen wearing the traditional practice gray t-shirt and shorts, setting up drills, participating in drills, and oftentimes, sprinting frantically from one side of the field to the other at the request of a coach.

However, the job does not end here. Student managers are responsible for not only work on the field, but off the field as well. Whether it be working the sidelines during a game in the Coliseum, loading and unpacking bags before and after games, or setting up the locker room six hours before kickoff, being a student manager means dedicating your college life to USC Football, beyond simply tailgating and attending every game, as the position can oftentimes take upwards of forty hours a week outside of the classroom for students to commit to the team and arriving to campus a month before other students move in.

Unpaid, unknown, but having the best time of their lives working with the team of which they are all die-hard fans, the USC student football managers do what they do because they live and breathe USC Football, taking the commitment of being a fan one step further by becoming a part of USC Football's heralded, "Return to Glory."

Tony King- Head Manager 5'8" 150

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada's finest suburb of Summerlin, Tony was on his third tour of duty as a manager for the team. After joining the squad in the spring of freshman year he has spent time working with the defensive backs, running backs and special teams. As the head manager, King was responsible for the coordination of all thirteen other managers and served as a liaison between the managers and the athletic equipment staff. Tony lists his favorite moment as a manager as saluting the band after the Rose Bowl victory when he realized how far both the team and he had come over the last three years. In his spare time Tony enjoys playing NCAA College Football as USC, traveling, and enjoying his fraternity. Consistent, personable, and well-liked by players and coaches alike, King has truly established himself as a leader to those around him. This coming season, King will return as a redshirt senior to the manager staff, continuing many of his head manager duties and working with Coach Carl Smith, the quarterbacks and wide receivers. Always quick with a one-liner or creative way to solve a problem, King is truly the quintessential head manager a program needs in order to succeed.

Carlos Godoy 6'0" 285

"Los" as he is often referred to by friends, comes to USC from Oxnard, California. While prepping at Rio Mesa High School, Godoy played against former WR Keary Colbert and OT Jacob Rogers before an ankle injury sidelined his football career. A senior, Carlos is majoring in Cinema studies and upon graduation will most likely be taking a job as a video coordinator. Deceptively quick for his size, Carlos was the MVP of the USC-UCLA manager football game recording three sacks, numerous quarterback hurries, and several pancake blocks. Carlos joined the squad in 2001 and worked with special teams all three years he has been with the program, most notably this past season, working closely with special teams guru, Dennis Slutak. In addition he has also served as the head student recruiting coordinator for the past two seasons working for Coach Orgeron and Greg Bukowski. Very popular amongst players and a big brother figure for many on the staff, Godoy's love for USC Football runs deep, as the organization gave him a family to belong to after transferring to the University. Lists his favorite NFL team as the Raiders and his favorite moment of his three year career being when he ran out of the tunnel at Notre Dame this past season. Carlos' experience, humor, and love for the program will truly be missed this upcoming season.

Robert Slaby 5'10'' 225

A resident of Pasadena, California, Robert, a senior, entered his second full season tenure with USC Football this past season. Joining the staff in the Spring of 2002 after transferring from Hartnell College, Slaby enjoyed both an Orange Bowl and Rose Bowl victory during his time as a manager. As an accounting major at USC's prestigious school of business, Slaby took his organizational skills to the practice field as Coach Burns' manager for two seasons with the defensive backs. Developing a great working relationship with Burns, Slaby defined the moniker of "work smarter, not harder," as Slaby always knew where Coach Burns needed him to be. Robert worked through a hand laceration during the second half of this past season, not missing a day of practice despite the serious injury. In addition to working with Coach Burns, Robert was also responsible for setting up the coaches' headsets in pregame routines in the Coliseum and defensive scripting for the entire season. Robert mentions his favorite moment of his USC Football career as Justin Fargas' long run in the Orange Bowl game and the whole experience of being in Miami for the game. On a side note, Robert has a room in his home in Pasadena dedicated to USC Football, with collections of USC memorabilia and pictures to remind him of his time with the program. In his spare time, Robert enjoys cheering for his favorite baseball team, the Oakland A's and playing sports with friends. Robert's knowledge of practice routines will be missed this next season, as he hands off his defensive managerial duties to his apprentice, Dave Chung, and leaves the program as a well-liked manager.

Paras Shah 5'11 165

Working with Coach Kennedy Pola and the running backs this past season, Shah, a senior, came to the USC Football manager program in the spring of 2003. With an unbelievable ability to work off an unhealthy amount of sleep, Shah showed a commitment to the USC Football program and to normal social life, a practice that is harder than most can imagine. Shah can be best described in Southern California fashion as a "really chill guy." His laid-back, fun-loving attitude was a welcome addition to the 2003 manager squad. Recruited as a track athlete by USC before injuring his ankle, Shah showed a lot of speed on the field and when his ankle injury flared up during the year, his determination and commitment pulled him through. A business major with a passion for the sports industry, Shah received plenty of experience with the program this past year and his smiles, stories, and relaxed attitude will be missed around the manager circle.

Josh Esquith 5'8 150

Far and away the fastest manager on the squad Josh used his speed to cover multiple positions this past season. He started with linebackers in the spring and shifted to being a floater with the Defensive line and the special teams for the 2003 season. Coming to USC from Glendale, California, Josh juggled SC football, a job at a bank and a demanding class load finishing up his business major in triumphant fashion. On game day Josh was a part of the unheralded ball boy crew that included Chung, Godoy, and Julie Szpira, and could also be found staying up to date with the latest scores from around the country up in the press box before games. Esquith was the kicking specialist in the "DJC [Dave, Josh, Carlo]" Special Teams Manager Unit, camera man for Coach Dennis Slutak, and could be seen kicking field goals successfully from as far as 45 yards away. Josh lists his highlights as the Rose Bowl experience and scoring against UCLA in the manager football game. Much like Chung and Bercovitz, Esquith is a die-hard sports fan, and has a very special place in his heart for the Dodgers, even though he too keeps getting his heart broken by them. Always quick with a joke that usually ended in another manager chasing after him and failing to catch him, Josh's wit and speed will truly be missed in the upcoming season.

Brian Woidneck 6'3" 190

One of Brea, California's finest, Brian Woidneck was a star manager for the quarterbacks and former coach Steve Sarkisian this past season. Holding the distinction of being referred to by Coach Norm Chow at the Trojan Banquet as "Everyone's favorite," Brian took his skills that nearly brought him to play as a Walk-On quarterback for USC to the manager's side of the program. Boasting a 60 yard spiral and the distinction of being a second generation manager (his brother previously was a manager under Coach Ed Orgeron), Brian's incredible throwing ability and practice smarts made practices incredibly efficient this past year. In his third year as a manager, Brian saw managerial success once again as a player on his position was named Pac-10 Player of the Year for the second year in a row. While the modest Woidneck will not take any credit for the success of the position, his ability to sling footballs with the best of them will inevitably be missed this year. A business major, Brian will graduate this fall with incredible memories and great friends within the organization. Brian's tenure at USC was consistently surrounded by USC Football, as Brian's roommates have been football players while he has been in school. Taking his throwing prowess to the field, Brian launched a 65 yard touchdown strike to fellow senior Josh Esquith on the first play of the manager game against UCLA, a game which Brian would manage, as any great quarterback does, en route to the all important "W". Brian's confident predictions about the outcomes of games this year often calmed many on the manager staff and his laid back ability to befriend any and all others will inevitably be missed this next season. In his three years with the program, Brian amassed many great memories, but undoubtedly, Carson Palmer winning the Heisman Trophy and this year's Rose Bowl victory are among his favorites. Brian was one of the most well-liked members of the staff and his humor, skills, and undying confidence in our team will be missed.

Courtney Hamilton 5'6" 135

Born and raised in California's capitol Sacramento, Courtney is believed to be one of the few female managers in SC football history. Known for her 7-step drop skills when working with her beloved linebackers, Hamilton has developed into an example of Title IX at its finest. She is expected this season to ease the transition from Nick Holt to Rocky Seto and Ken Norton, working with both linebacker coaches this season. Boasting one of the better spirals on the manager squad, Courtney's football skills have come full circle in her time as a football manager. Currently majoring in Communications, Courtney is as dynamic in the classroom as she is in the pocket, as she made the Annenberg Dean's List last semester while barely batting an eye. Accused of living upstairs at Heritage Hall in the football office due to her near perpetual presence there, there is truly no question how much she loves USC football. Lists her favorite moment also as running out of the tunnel at Notre Dame, and would love to see a professional baseball team up there in Sac-Town.

Matt Bercovitz 5'10" 195

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Matt is currently a junior, who joined the squad in the spring of 2003 after responding to an ad in the Daily Trojan. Thrown into the proverbial fire from the get go, Matt has the privilege of working with Coach Ed Orgeron and the defensive line, a position he will undoubtedly return to for the upcoming 2004 season. During practice Bercovitz can usually be seen looking after one of the few relic items associated with USC football that is not found in Heritage Hall, Coach Orgeron's Green Ball. A stickler for superstition, Bercovitz will not break any of his many pregame or pre-practice traditions that could possibly jeopardize the team's success. Quicker than he is fast, Bercovitz has been deemed slightly crazy for his willingness to stand in as a quarterback during the offensive line versus defensive line pass rush drill with no pads. His ability to transport the famed "Donkey Dicks" that the defensive line uses everyday is vital to the manager team. Matt's uncanny toughness and work ethic has earned the respect of both his fellow managers and his coach. Lists his favorite moment as a manager as a tie between saluting the band after beating Auburn and the entire Rose Bowl experience. Currently majoring in Psychology and Political Science Matt hopes one day to open his own business, and hopes in his lifetime that his beloved Chicago sports teams will follow in USC Football's successful footsteps. Bercovitz shows a passion and commitment to both the University and team that goes beyond normal comprehension.

Ryan Ousley 6'2" 195

Hailing from Laguna Beach, California, Ryan joined the staff in the Spring of 2003, immediately being thrown into the mix with Coach Lane Kiffin and USC's talented wide receivers. This business and economics double-major specialized in all things offense last season, setting up agility drills, helping with team drills, and assisting during one on one drills. Ryan's throwing ability, with includes a sidearm throwing motion similar to that of former NC State quarterback Phillip Rivers, drastically improved over the year and he continued to make strides this spring, an invaluable skill for the position he works with. Ryan displays incredible skills when driving either of the manager's carts and consistently shows efficiency and leadership when returning materials used for drills to their respective sheds, offensive or defense. Ryan is also solely responsible for being the sweeper during pre-practice punts, as he stands as the last line of defense against punted footballs that could hit unaware offensive players in the back, or even the helmet. Additionally, during this past season's games, Ryan worked the sidelines with the game ball crew. While working the sidelines during the Rose Bowl, Ryan's favorite memory, running off from the Michigan sideline as time expired towards the USC bench in celebration, occurred in glorious fashion. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys spending time at his fraternity house with fraternity brother, Tony King. Besides USC Football, Ryan's favorite two teams are the Anaheim Angels and USC Women's Water Polo. This next season, Ryan will continue his stellar work with Coach Kiffin and the explosive, developing wide receivers and will be counted upon as a veteran on the manager staff. Before graduating, Ryan would like to see Shaun Cody block a PAT and take it the distance, to reward Cody for his efforts this past season against UCLA.

David Chung 5'6" 140

The University of Southern California made a fine decision when admitting David to their class of 2006. A transplant from Boston, Massachusetts, David is a sophomore majoring in Communications and worked with coach Rocky Seto and the safeties this past season. When available, Chung stepped in with special teams as one part of Team Jugs, a special manager unit used to assist with kickoff drills during practice and assisted on scout team this year. With a constant motor, Dave has been known to clear an entire field of agility bags in less than twenty seconds, an impressive feat for any man, and can be described as being in perpetual motion throughout practice. Working through the entire second half of the 2003 season with a low right ankle sprain Chung's determination to get the job done and get it done right was a textbook example of how much he truly loves the university and USC football. Well known for his witty, oftentimes off-color and always unpredictable comments, Dave values the relationships he has found through USC Football nearly as much as the rewarding feeling of working with a successful program. Dave, given the name "Famous" by fellow manager Matt Bercovitz, regards getting both his grandparents, parents and brother to the Rose Bowl to watch him work as the highlight of this past season. In the coming year, Chung will work with secondary coach Greg Burns and the young, hard-hitting secondary. Also, he will inevitably still be mistaken by players and coaches alike for Tony King this upcoming season, regardless of the fact that he does not wear sunglasses on the field like King. He can be seen before each game throwing a football with long snapper, Will Collins, a pregame tradition. He hopes to one day see the Curse of the Bambino lifted and celebrate a Red Sox World Series victory and a rushing touchdown by either Tom Malone or Ryan Killeen after the respective kicker has forced a fumble by the other team.

Christopher Hahn 5'8" 155

A product of Laguna Hills, California by route of Chicago, Illinois, sophomore Chris Hahn brings a fiery spirit to the manager squad. A business major, this student from the O.C. brings his experience with teamwork to the field everyday. Working with equally…slightly more fiery Coach Tim Davis this past season, Chris worked with the offensive line responsible for protecting Matt Leinart this past season, along with assisting fellow managers Julie Szpira and Dave Chung on Team Jugs. Tag-teaming with Chung during scout team drills this year, Hahn was a model of consistency and developed an uncanny ability to catch a football one-handed while holding the defensive script in his other hand. Chris can be found playing NFL Street with his roommates on Xbox, keeping up with the hottest music on his iPod, or out enjoying the USC nightlife. Not afraid to speak up for his opinions, Hahn is a vital, vocal, component to the manager squad. This coming season, Chris will shift over to the explosive running backs and work with new coach, Todd McNair. Hahn represents a portion of the small minority of Anaheim Angels fans that were fans of the team before their World Series victory. Additionally, Hahn is a fan of the Chicago Cubs, whom he hopes will make it to the World Series to play the Red Sox one day, and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

John Ferrell 6'3" 170

After being admitted in the Spring of 2003 "G.I." John joined the squad almost immediately upon his arrival at USC. This past season he worked with Coach Tim Davis and the All-Pac-10 USC Offensive live, and was an integral part of the in practice chain gang. Ferrell is also involved in the USC Army ROTC program and is currently majoring in electrical engineering. Notorious for an unending supply of cliché comments, John is never short on words that could bring a smile goofier than his to anyone's face. Lists his favorite moment as anytime he is wearing his Cardinal warmup suit on campus, and anytime he gets to drive the carts during practice. John is looking forward to having what he says will be a breakout season in 2004.

Julie Szpira 5'10" 155

A native of Wood Dale, Illinois, Freshman Julie Szpira [pronounced spear-ah] came to the program under unusual circumstances this past season. As the only manager to participate in the 2003 season without working the previous Spring season, Julie entered summer workouts without the background that the other managers had with the program. Amidst skepticism and hype, Julie shined as the first female USC Football manager to enter the program in the fall of her freshman year, not only her first taste of Division 1A college football, but of the University. As a Biomedical Engineer, Szpira is part of the Alpha Omega Epsilon engineering sorority, in addition to being a manager for the football team. Last season, Julie handled the playboard everyday at practice (which helps the players who are not in on the play see what play is being run), assisted throughout the practice field as a "floater," and was chief laundry assistant in Heritage Hall after practice. Julie also completed the triad of Team Jugs with Chris and Dave and was also a runner for the game day ball crew in the Coliseum. During games Julie can be found retrieving footballs off the kicking net after field goals and PATs, but off the field, she enjoys running on the track, swimming, knitting, and doing her best impression of Betty Crocker, when she's not hanging out with her best friends. After developing a unique relationship with select players on special teams, Julie will assume Godoy's job as manager for the special teams position with Coach Dennis Slutak this season. Julie brings a lighthearted, fun, smile with her to practice everyday, which is only accentuated by friend and running back Sean Kelly (#47) on the field. Her most memorable moment this past season was the first time she caught a Tom Malone punt, overcoming her fear and ignoring stereotypes that told her she would do otherwise. Szpira hopes to one day be on the front page of the Los Angeles Times, in the background, after one of her special teamers has scored a touchdown. As a freshman with a full season's experience, Szpira will undoubtedly be looked at as a leader for future seasons and will hand off her duties with the playboard to newcomer Natasha Godoy.

Tino Dominguez and Greg Allen

As the manager's managers, "T" and "G", as they are often referred to, take on the gargantuan task of trying to oversee the work of this hard-working group of students. Always encouraging the students to take initiative and work efficiently, Tino and Greg take the time to help out the often forgotten managers, in addition to their jobs in the USC Athletic Equipment department. Offering encouragement, but requiring managers to earn their praise, both men make coming to Howard Jones field a rewarding experience. Both highly respected and regarded by all student managers, the managers appreciate all their hard work, advice, and patience everyday. Top Stories