Spring Ball Day 12

This review will be a brief one as today was spent watching the practice with Norm Katnik and paying particular attention to the work on the offensive line. I'll type up the recap of Norm's thoughts and post them tomorrow.

There was a lot of work on special teams early in the day with Tom Malone practicing his kicks inside the 20. There are times when Tom just naturally booms the ball and the coaches were working with him on the results of getting the ball inside the red zone no matter how the kick might look. The field goal team had mixed results today as they were going into a strong wind which hampered the efforts over 40 yards but the final two kicks of the day were good.

The best run of the day came in a run drill on Brian Kennedy Field when Hershel Dennis took a handoff and went right behind Fred Matua. Fred had blocked his man out of the way and Greg Farr came up to make the tackle but Hershel simply put a juke move on him and went for big yardage. Reggie Bush also had a nice run where he just used his speed to get to the corner behind a block from Holmes. The best block came from Matt Spanos who got a head of steam and crushed a defender to open a hole.

A passing drill was held on Howard Jones Field and the offense moved the ball well. Matt Leinart had plenty of time to throw the ball for the majority of the drill and when that happens he is going to complete passes to Steve Smith and Whitney Lewis.

The last half of practice was spent in "sudden change" drills which simulate a change of possession and a particular situation for the offense. In this case the ball was placed on the defense 35 yard line with the offense looking to move in for a score. The defense did well and almost had a pick on the first series when the ball was thrown toward Holmes but it was tipped and Lofa Tatupu barely missed the interception. John David Booty threw a nice pass on a rope to Smith at the goal line but Ronald Nunn did a nice job to knock the ball away. Thomas Williams had a big hit when Desmond Reed took a handoff and tried to dance a little in the backfield looking for a hole, he danced one too many times and Thomas popped him. Brandon Hance had a nice throw to an open William Buchanan in the end zone but the ball was dropped.

After practice Alex Holmes and Collin Ashton spent time working on long snapping.

In attendance were Chilo Rachal, Thomas Herring and Eugene Germany. More to come on Friday.

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