Spring Ball Day 14

It was a day for the defense as the Trojans concluded their spring ball drills with a scrimmage that featured a swarming performance from the defense. Click below for highlights from each series of plays:

Bush had a short run. Leinart hit Holmes with Groots coming up for the quick hit. Bush ran again only to be stopped by Tofi for a short gain. Leinart dropped back to pass but as he went to throw Manny Wright put his arms up and Matt was forced to tuck the ball and run. Wright then tackled Bush in the backfield for a loss of one. Cody had a sack.

Kirtman got a lot of action today running the ball with Dennis and White on the sidelines and David looked pretty good in his extended action. His first carry went for two yards with a tackle by Eric Wright. Booty went to walk-on Zilka for six yards and then another short Kirtman run.

Leinart throws the ball away. Reggie had a real nice run where he shot through the hole at left guard behind Travis Watkins for eight yards. Leinart hit Smith for a first down with a six yard pass despite good coverage from Nunn. Leinart rolled out and hit Lewis for 17 yards with a tackle by Leach. Reggie went off right tackle with a nice block on Cody from Holmes. Leinart completed a short pass to Whitney who, as usual, did a good job of catching the ball out front with his hands. Reggie ran behind a block from Kyle Williams for a short gain.

A Kirtman run went for seven yards until he was driven to the ground with a hard tackle from Thomas Williams.

Bush had a short run with a tackle by Groots. Patterson and Groots combined for a sack.

Lawrence Jackson had a sack on Booty. Kirtman ran the ball only to be met hard by Oscar Lua as Oscar had a very nice final few days of spring ball, you started to see some of the Lua speed as he continues to rehab from knee surgery. Booty threw a pretty ball to Buchanan along the sideline for 18 yards against good coverage from Ryan Ting. Kirtman followed a good block from Jody Adewale on Thomas Williams for a 15 yard gain on one of his nicest runs of the day. Booty did a good job to evade the pass rush from Jackson and hit McFoy for 20 yards. Woodert ran the ball and took a hard hit from Lua. Killeen hit a field goal.

Leinart tried to hit Smith along the sideline but Wyatt did a nice job to bat the ball away. Leinart threw a screen to Bush who eluded Patterson only to have Arbet come up to make the play. It was good to see Kevin get some action. Leinart ran around with pressure from the d-line and finally hit Smith who got extra yardage thanks to a good block from Whitney on Greg Farr.

Booty had a pass knocked down at the line (I'm pretty sure it was by Ellis). Booty completed another nice fade to Buchanan, this time against coverage from Eric Wright. Booty was picked by Terrell Thomas.

Leinart wasted no time and on the first play he threw a quick strike to Holmes for 20 yards. Matt then hit Smith for 15 yards but the drive stalled and Danelo was forced to try a 47 yard FG which was short and to the right.

Tom Malone came on for a series of punts.

Bush ran the ball and tried to make a cut along the line but he was met with a solid tackle from Travis Tofi. Another short run from Bush was followed by an incomplete pass to Lewis after it was ruled he had been out of bounds before coming back in to the make the catch.

Booty was picked by Ryan Ting on the first play of the series.

Brandon Hance came into the game and he tried to hit Holmes but the pass was intercepted by Nunn. Ronald was making a nice return until he got to midfield and Fred Matua was there to make the play, as Fred made the tackle Nunn's shorts were pulled down to his knees to the laughter of his teammates and coaches.

Mike McDonald fumbled a snap and it was recovered by Ellis.

Bush had a short run before a tackle from Patterson. Hance tried to hit Holmes but the ball was tipped into the air and landed in the arms of Farr who returned it for a touchdown.

Hance did a good job to scramble to the outside and he picked up good yardage before being driven out by Dallas Sartz. Sartz came right back on the next play and made a tackle on Bush. Another Bush run was stopped by Tofi.

Kirtman got the drive started with a nice run up the middle for eight yards. Woodert carried the ball and was met right away by Ryan Watson.

Tofi had a sack on Hance. One of the highlight hits of the day came when Brandon threw quickly to Holmes and Alex got a head of steam before Farr made the tackle attempt. The key word is attempt as Alex simply ran right over Greg for a few extra yards on the play. Lee Webb got a rare carry and he was met with a perfect form tackle from Groots.

Kirtman had a run where he was tackled by Lua and then David had one of his best runs of the day with a nice gain off left tackle.

Hance went to Smith for 23 yards. Bush took the handoff, briefly dropped the ball and then picked it up before turning the corner and hitting that extra speed gear that he has for a 12 yard gain. Nunn stripped the ball from Hance and Manny Wright recovered the ball.

Booty rolled and tried to hit McFoy along the sideline but Thomas Williams made a real nice play to dive and knock the ball down. Booty completed another pretty pass to Buchanan with a fade against Terrell Thomas for 37 yards. Eric Wright had a nice play when he fought off a block attempt from Adewale to stop a Kirtman run. Booty completed a short pass to Adewale but Wright came up for the hit to drive him out of bounds. A 46 yard field goal attempt hit the upright and bounced out, no good.

Hance tried a screen to Bush but Sartz read it well and held the play to no gain. Hance went to Whitney for 8 yards and then hit Smith for a 22 yard gain along the sidelines. Patterson had a sack. Smith did a nice job to catch a slant pass on the run in traffic from Hance for 14 yards. A short Bush run was followed by a slant to Smith for 9 yards to set up a short field goal which was good.

The last series saw Hance move the team well down the field only to come up short due to a turnover. Brandon hit Whitney to get the drive started and then McFoy on a slant. Smith caught a short range pass only to get hit by Collin Ashton and then Brandon went right back to Steve to continue the impressive drive. On the next play Hance threw a pick to Lua and the practice was over.

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