Howell a familiar name to USC fans

Bullard HS offensive lineman Nick Howell was one of the top performers at the recent USC lineman camp. His father, Pat, was an All-American OL for USC in the late 70's and Nick is also showing interest in the Trojans. Click below for his thoughts on the camp and the recruiting process:

"I didn't know what I'd see when I got to the camp but the coaches made me feel real comfortable. I wanted to see how I matched up with the other guys and when I got on the field I could see there were a lot of big guys.

The first thing they did was weighed us and then the strength coach warmed us up and they tested us in the vertical and the 40. When we ran the 40's they had everybody cheering for us. I had a 28.5 inch vertical, I turned in my slip with the 40 time on it so I'm not sure what I ran but I'm usually around 5.0 in the 40.

After that we walked to the practice field and they gave us headbands to show what class we were in. Seniors got cardinal, juniors got gold, sophomores got white. They broke us up by position and we went through six different stations, each one had a different coach doing a new drill. We worked on pass pro, reach block, how to get into people, how to pull. We took a little break and then we went against the defense in some one on ones. I thought I did pretty good in those. I went against (Averell) Spicer and (Jacob) Hickman and they were good. It was neat to see the other guys, it pumped me up to go against them.

We took a break for lunch and they had Baja Fresh. I'm not big on spicy foods so I only had half a burrito. I just tried to drink a lot of water and stay off my feet during lunch. We watched film, the first thing we watched was the SC players because they were showing us what to do. Then we watched film of us from the morning drills. I liked the way they showed us what we did wrong. The manner they explained it was calm, joking and it was something you could understand. They say things like "ass to the grass" and you know what they mean.

The other offensive linemen were talkative, real nice guys and we got along. Back on the field we went through more stations. I got a little dizzy at one point since I didn't eat but I thought the coaches were working us hard to see who was weak so I pushed myself. I tried to be physical and the drills got more upbeat. I got beat twice by Spicer, the guys from Mission Viejo, they were pretty good too and so was Hickman. At the end they brought the five best offensive linemen together with the five best defensive linemen and all 300 players gathered to watch. Everybody got all fired up, when it was done we had a big huddle and everybody was jumping and cheering. Coach Carroll gave a speech to all the players and then the camp was over. I shook hands with the other players and then I talked with the coaches about how they thought I did. Carroll shook my hand, gave me a hug and told me I did a great job. He said it was nice to see me come down for the camp and we talked about my dad. It was a real fun camp. Every drill was serious and intense and when I came home I was so excited.

Right now I'm 6-5, 258 and I'm gaining weight. I started playing football in 7th grade and I was always the lightest and skinniest offensive lineman. This is my first year not playing volleyball and I decided not to play so that I could put on weight for football. When I played volleyball I could never gain weight but now I work out almost every day getting ready for football. My strength as a player is my pass pro. I do a good job of waiting for my man to come to me, I don't come out too early. I need to work on my three point stance.

Right now I'm looking at USC, of course, and there have been a lot of other schools coming by this spring including Cal, Washington, UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State, ASU, San Diego State and Nebraska.

I've seen footage of my dad playing in the Rose Bowl for USC and it's weird to see him out there. We've got similar frames size-wise and our stances are pretty similar. We're both pretty aggressive too. Even when I was a little kid my dad would take me to SC games and he would talk about who he went against, who he knew, a lot of good stories. Just going to games at the Coliseum and being around that atmosphere is great and that fight song always gets me excited. I like the program a lot. They've been talking to me the most during the recruiting process and that just makes me want to go there even more." Top Stories